Photograph: Sittin on the Dock

Sittin on the Dock photograph by fallenpeach on etsy


On to the Next Thing! – a Monday Update


Our booth on Saturday. That’s Laura sitting behind the table 🙂

Happy Monday!

Thank you so much to everyone that came to visit our booth at the Milford Oyster Festival this past Saturday! My cousin Laura and I had a lot of fun talking to people and enjoying the weather. It really was beautiful out, although a little hot midday!

I feel like I have a whole new set of goals now that the Oyster Fest is done, and I really do. But I think this week will be for unpacking, cleaning up and organizing my thoughts. I need to make a lot of to do lists and figure out what needs to get done before The Next Big Thing. And I owe you more photos of our booth from Saturday, because I really think it looked great! That will be another post this week.

The Next Big Thing, fallenpeach wise, is our Anniversary in September. We will be 4 years old this year and small celebrations will be had.  🙂

What did you do this past weekend? Anything exciting?

Wildflowers in the Meantime


Happy Friday! Here, enjoy some pretty wildflowers from a walk we took this week.  🙂 Blogging has taken a backseat while I prepare for the Milford Oyster Festival – which IS TOMORROW! Because this is my first craft fair in over a year, I’m making a lot of changes which is why I’m so caught up in it. Hopefully there won’t be quite so much prep for the next one. Not that it’s not fun, it’s just also exhausting! I have new displays, some new products, new signage and a new credit card reader. I really can’t wait to show it all off and set up shop on the Milford Green tomorrow morning. This is has been like a months long process of getting ready and I am so ready.

If you are in Connecticut stop by and say hi! We will be on the Milford Green with the crafters although I’m not precisely sure where yet. There is a ton to do and it’s a lot of fun. The Oyster Fest is a tradition I never miss whether I’m just a spectator or a vendor. Plus, Blues Traveler will be playing on the stage behind the library in the evening! I’m kind of jealous that you get to see them, but I saw them at the Durham Fair a couple years back so it’s okay. I’ll be tweeting and instagram-ing from the booth when I can so those out of state can see my awesome new displays and things, so you can keep up with me on those as well.

Have a great weekend!


Craft Fair Update: Milford Oyster Festival


We are incredibly excited to be back at the Milford Oyster Festival in Milford Connecticut on August 17, 2013! It’s been over a year since we did a craft fair (due to getting married and all 🙂 ) and I am so so so excited about this. I’ve been making a lot of fun changes to our craft fair display and getting a bunch of new products ready. My blogging has been a little erratic because of this, but I’m hoping to be back on track within the next two weeks. There is just so much to do!

Things you should know about the Oyster Fest – the headlining band will be Blues Traveler (!!!) and it’s a lot of fun. Hope to see you there !


Meetup: August Goals and a look back at July

the meetup banner 2013

Happy Thursday! Is anyone else surprised that it’s August already? I feel like July went super super quick. I also feel like I got a lot done, although I still have a lot left to get done in my craft fair preparation. Let’s take a look:

July’s FOCUS was New Products

– Order supplies for new keychains and pendants 

– Make new keychains and pendants  — Made some new keychains and started working on images for pendants, still awaiting more supplies for more keychains.

– Decide on new prints to get together/have printed, buy more mattes for them

– Decide on framed prints, change out from what is already framed if necessary

– Have new greeting cards printed, focus on Sammy & Friends These came out beautifully and I can’t wait to launch them at the Milford Oyster Festival!

– Research new locations to print cards, see about selling sets of 8 and 16 prices were about the same, sticking to single cards for now

– Think about Printing new mini moo cards to fair so that I don’t use all of my regular business cards  — Decided to do this and printed our QR code on one side too – they look amazing! 

– List new bookmarks that I photographed last month — Well, I listed two of them, anyway. More to come!

– Finish craft fair prep from last month: ie new display ideas  and suchI did so much craft fair prep I can’t even tell you. I bought a slew of new displays, created awesome new packaging for keychains and pendants, ordered supplies to make more things, started making more things, sorted through everything and put it all in one place. … and yet I’M STILL NOT DONE! … I’m getting there though!

– Make more of popular bookmarks  printed and waiting to be laminated.

I would also like to

– fully catch up on Project Life — technically I caught up on Project Life, but now I’m behind again.

– have new banner made for craft fair — researched this, chose size but haven’t yet had it made. Will do this weekend I think.

– work with June business book of the month (Craft Inc. Business Planner)———————————————————–

It’s good to know that I actually did cross as many things off that list as I thought I did.  July was incredibly productive, and I still had room for birthday adventures and fun as well. I started a self prompted 30 days of lists too, which as been fun (more of that coming this weekend!).

Oh! and my neurotic self made a super involved Excel spreadsheet with a list of all the craft fairs I’m interested in, their dates and their prices so that I can apply to more fairs for next year! It’s organized by season. I also applied to a second craft fair for this year, but applied really close to deadline so I’m not sure if I got in yet. Hoping to hear from them soon. Being in the middle of craft fair preparation makes me happy. A little stressed out, but happy.

August was supposed to be focused on custompeach and custom work. However, with the Milford Oyster Festival around the corner and more still to do I’m extending my Craft Fair Prep Focus.

August Goals

– Finish making new pendants / keychains

– sort through prints and decide on making more and which ones

– also order more mats for prints

– laminate new/old bookmarks

– have banner made

– Re-type checklist and pack everything up so that it’s neat and findable.

– Test out Square and set up with categories and prices

– ———-

– Test out new tent, make sure we know how to set it up

– Make camping packing list and find everything we need


It doesn’t look like much, but it will totally keep me busy this month! Not to mention we have a few family gatherings, the Oyster fest itself and a camping trip planned.

How did you do on your July Goals? Are you ready for August? Read up on the Meetup here, and post the link to your goals blog in the comments!


Choose Your Adventure: Minion Photo, Staying Cool and more

choose your adventure from fallenpeach

Lindsey with Minion NYC instagram by fallenpeach

Happy Friday! There were at least two days this week that I thought were Friday that (obviously) were not. It’s been that kind of week. It was also a big package week for me. I received an awesome gift from a friend and something special I ordered from MOO!

Today I’m also launching a new “feature” of sorts. I’ll be adding an instagram photo to my Choose Your Adventure posts each week. My favorite photo of the week. This week I couldn’t decide, so I’m posting two! Above is one of my fav NYC instagrams from Sunday. I was kinda excited when I saw the giant minion poster above Toys R Us.

Moo cards by fallenpeach

and this is just one of the things that my Moo package brought! New mini moo cards and a case in lovely orange! Next week I’ll write more about my package and the products we have coming soon. But till then, here are some internet adventures for you:

I am so looking forward to “Dear Mr. Watterson” , a documentary about Calvin and Hobbes – a life love for both me and Matt. We even had two of my cousins “perform” a conversation between the two about love at our wedding.

Kam of Campfire Chic tuned me in to Blog Brunch and I plan on exploring the blog this weekend and taking part next time the chat happens if I can!

Great tips on staying Cool this Summer over at And Then We Saved

Staying in a hotel soon? Here are some basic Hygiene tips at the Best Western blog

Have a great weekend!