New in Our Shop: Imagine Memorial Photo Travel Keychain

Imagine memorial photo travel keychain by fallenpeach on etsy

Happy Monday! We are proud to announce that we will be adding more keychains into our shop at a rate of one a week. The first new keychain is our Imagine memorial keychain. I took this photo in New York City at the John Lennon Memorial in Central Park. Take all kinds of adventures with you on your own trips with our photo travel keychains!

This image is also available as a bookmark, if you are looking for a new way to keep your place as well!


Sneak Peek: New Product Coming Soon!

Route 66 Coaster by fallenpeach on etsy

Though they are still very much in progress, I am incredibly excited to announce that I am working on making coasters for our shop! Photo transferring is a super fun process and I am loving the physicality of making these products. Above is the very first one I made – obviously I had to start with Route 66! Still needs to be sealed and corked, but I think it came out amazing! What do you think? Are you excited to see more coasters from us? Do you like the one I started with?

Destination Wednesday: Vermont and New Hampshire

Visiting Vermont / New Hampshire with no intention of skiing or spending much money means … random driving and mini adventures. A couple weeks back we went to visit family in southern Vermont and ended up on a day trip to Keene, New Hampshire and random driving across Vermont in search of antiques shops (which we never really found).

Vermont Window in Window photograph by fallenpeach

Life is Sweet Keene New Hampshire Photograph by fallenpeach

Kiplings Restaurant Vermont photograph by fallenpeach

Lines in Keene New Hampshire photograph by fallenpeach

Hogback Mountain in Vermont photograph by fallenpeach

It was nice to stop at Hogback Mountain for a minute and I was incredibly excited to find a Penny squashing machine inside the gift shop! Mostly, though, we drove both East and West and stopped in a few small towns to browse. Next visit I think we’ll go North in search of adventure.

Any recommendations for places to visit in southern Vermont?

Mini Break

Leaf on Snow photograph by fallenpeach on Etsy

This past week my laptop was off in the shop getting looked at and I’ve been half-unplugged and half glued to my smart phone. I should be back with my March Meetup post on Monday and then back on track from there. I’m also looking at the past two months of using an editorial calendar and will be writing a “how I did” type of post with some ideas for making the editorial calendar work better for me.

In the meantime, how is everyone? Ready for Spring? I sure am.

Friday Photo: Instagramming about Narnia

Narnia Exists Winter Instagram photo by fallenpeach

I don’t know about you, but we’ve been getting quite a bit of snow this winter. Mostly it has been in small dustings, but this past week there was a lot more snow falling and staying around. I discovered Narnia outside my apartment complex but didn’t have time to explore that day, maybe this weekend.

What are your plans this weekend? Are you tired of the snow or still enjoying it?

January 2014 Round Up

sparkle ice photo by fallen_peach on instagram

January did not go by too fast. It actually moved at a nice pace for me and I’m proud of the things I’ve accomplished. In addition to my regular monthly goals, I have projects scheduled for the first five months of the year and as I type I’ve completed all but two things off of my January Projects list! In my Meetup post next week I’ll talk about the goals, but for the round up let’s talk about those projects.

I’m actually two months ahead on my graphic design company goals. Not only did we come up with a name, but the logo is complete and I’ve started initial work on getting social media names and website set up. This makes me really happy. Although we still have quite a bit to get done before we can launch, I love that this is moving smoothly and faster than planned.

January was my first month using an editorial calendar and I have to say, I love it. I’m still stuck on post ideas a lot of the time, but having the posts I do know I’m going to write planned ahead of time helps a lot. I’ve written an editorial calendar up for February and I’m hoping it goes as smoothly as January did. Putting aside time on the weekends to focus on blog writing is also helping.

AND – In case you haven’t noticed yet – I did some sprucing up on the blog! Our About page is all new, the sidebar is mostly new and the photo of us is new as well! I also changed my personal photo on twitter, etsy and google + so that they all match.

Projects I did not complete – mission statement for fallenpeach and a newsletter schedule for 2014. I’ll push these in to February and see how it goes!

Do you schedule projects for yourself each month ? How much did you get done in January?