3 Things I Learned Last Year about How I Use Project Life


Oh my growing love/hate relationship with Project Life. Well, more a love/hate about how I am with Project Life I suppose.

Just before I got married I decided that I wanted to use Project Life to document our first five years of marriage. Our first anniversary (September 30) has come and gone and I am just finishing up year one. Initially I was very frustrated. I couldn’t keep up and then forgot to write out cards and struggled to remember things that happened. I made a decision to stop after year one and then use a new kit to do a massive road trip book for our three big trips instead. Something less time sensitive I said, that will be easier.

Then two things happened. First, I showed my husband what I had done so far and he loved it. He asked me if I was going to keep going. And a small part of me wanted to say no. But the truth was, I loved it too. I loved capturing the small memories along with the large.

Then, when shopping for a a kit for my Road Trip book, I couldn’t decide between two sets. I eventually chose the Kraft edition and a small package of Road Trip themed cards (!!!). But my mom knew I liked the Midnight edition as well and surprised me with it for Christmas. So now I have two separate sets of Project Life cards and had only planned on doing the Road Trip book. Obviously, these two events changed my mind and I’m going to keep going.

So, I’ve narrowed down my problems and some solutions –

1. I take a lot of photos. A lot. Not every day, but at the big events and on hikes and things. It’s hard for me to narrow down those photos into two page spreads.

Solution: Don’t restrict myself to two page spreads if more are necessary. Also, remember that I can have a regular photo album too if there really are too many photos.

2. I can’t keep up. I am crafty and creative and (as mentioned above) take a ton of photos. For me, project life is more time consuming than I expected it to be.

Possible Solution: choose a day each week or one every two weeks to devote to Project Life. Once I am finally caught up, stay on top of it and try to be no more than two months behind at any given point.

3. My clippings and movie tickets and things are totally disorganized and in a pile on the floor. I forget they are there and then have to re-organize spreads when I remember them.

Possible Solution: Buy something small and cheap with four or five drawers that I can put clippings in to organized by month. If I stay on top of things, I’ll be able to store four or five months worth of things and never need more.

All in all, I’m excited about continuing Project Life. The Midnight Edition is GORGEOUS and I think suits me better than the first set I bought (Turquoise). I already found the perfect card to start off Year 2 of Marriage. As for the road trip book, I’ve sorted two out of three sets of photos for it and hope to get them all ready and printed by March or April so that I can start putting it together in late Spring/Early Summer. I want to have it ready for Thanksgiving or Christmas to show family. See? already giving myself broad goals!

Do you use Project Life? Do you have Problems/Solutions like I do? Share in the comments, I’d love to hear!


30 Days of Lists Day 1: What is New This Year

i heart lists graphic by fallenpeach

Because I ❤ Lists, I finally decided to join in on 30 Days of Lists and I couldn’t be more excited. The first few lists have come surprisingly easy to me and it helps that I’m focusing on the words not a fancy design for my book. I’m using a small photo album that looks like this

30 days of lists photo album by fallenpeach

and writing with colored markers on sheets of paper from a scratch pad I picked up at Walgreens. Simple. Focused. If I went more complicated, I would never keep up with the actual listing.

Speaking of the listing, here is my list for Day 1: What is New This Year

30 Days of Lists Day 1 by fallenpeach

Are you listing?

Meetup: September 2013

the meetup banner 2013

Happy September! I must say, I’m glad to see August go. I’m ready for a new month, a new season (I know not quite yet, but I’m ready), and new projects.

Let’s look at August:

August Goals

Finish making new pendants / keychains

sort through prints and decide on making more and which ones – decided not to do this.

also order more mats for prints decided not to do this.

laminate new/old bookmarks

have banner made

Re-type checklist and pack everything up so that it’s neat and findable.

Test out Square and set up with categories and prices

Test out new tent, make sure we know how to set it up – didn’t end up doing this, but it worked out fine 🙂

Make camping packing list and find everything we need



Goals wise, August went very well. The Oyster Festival also went well. My cousin Laura and I had a grand time and I love love love our new display set up. In craft fair news, I’m incredibly excited to announce that Matt and I will be setting up at the Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival in October as well. (details coming soon).

The month, however, ended with a very deep loss within my family. I’m still trying to deal with it and have decided to take September a little slower than planned. I’m also changing my focus from fallenpeach and custompeach to family and photographs. There will still be fallenpeach projects abounding (in my brain at least), but ultimately I want to catch up on some personal projects.

September Goals:

– Keep up with 30 Days of Lists (look for my first blog post about this tomorrow!)

– Catch up on Project Life (I’m only …. 3 months behind…. )

– Begin to organize old photos and collect into new photo albums. Condense in some places, expand in others.

– focus on fallenpeach itself. ignore other divisions temporarily.

– edit photos of new bookmarks, begin listing.

– Plot and take next road trip


I had a few other items on my goals list, but just realized that September is jam packed with events and trips for us. So it’s best for me to keep it simple.

How was your August? Did you accomplish a lot? Post a link to your September Goals in the comments, I would love to read them!