Meetup Goals: March 2014

the meetup banner 2013

Happy March! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for Spring. Despite all of the snow outside, I’m eager for March and all the Spring it promises to unleash, even if it’s not until the end of the month!

Let’s look back to February for a moment:

February Goals

  • Keep up with blogging
  • fallenpeach mission statement
  • focus on Etsy shop changes and updates
  • collect everything I need and make appointment for taxes
  • brainstorm and create new products for both fallenpeach and Sammy & Friends
  • begin to collect and organize graphic design portfolio and samples for new company

Looking at that list, I feel like I didn’t accomplish ANYTHING. But, in truth, other things took over my time and I’m actually in a really good place for March. I’ve been blogging regularly and I’m starting to really figure out my groove and what I want to blog about (more on this later). I also updated our shop banner to match the new blog banner and have started listing new items again. Having Matt photo/edit photos of new products was a brilliant idea and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the new Sammy cards as well as our new keychains!

I also have yet another business idea brewing and Matt and I have been talking a lot about it lately. That brings the grand total of business ideas currently in progress up to FOUR. Plus I have ideas for two brand new fallenpeach products in the works. My brain is just about ready to explode with ideas. I just need to focus myself enough to move forward on everything at the right pace. Which brings me to my


  • Get that mission statement done!
  • Put together tax things and make appointment
  • start work on graphic design business website
  • logo work for new business venture
  • Spring Cleaning!!!
  • try out one new product idea
  • continue listing new items at rate of one a week.
  • brainstorm new bookmark designs
  • Organize and prioritize business ideas

I’m feeling upbeat and confident right now, here’s hoping I can keep up with the ideas that keep popping into my brain!

How was your February? Are you ready for an ambitious March or just focusing on Spring Cleaning? Post links to your goals in the comments, I’d love to see what you are up to!

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February Meetup Goals Update

Winter Walk photograph by fallenpeach

It shouldn’t surprise me that February is just about half over. But it does. I’m getting there on my goals, but not quite all the way.

Blogging – I’ve been doing fairly good keeping up with blogging – right?

Etsy Shop – there’s a new banner in our Etsy shop and I have plans for a few other small changes.

New Products – I have a few ideas, but haven’t actually gotten to work on any of them …

and as for the rest … not even started.

Winter is hard for me. I make a lot of plans, but the cold and dark and ridiculous amount of snow storms tend to keep me down. HOWEVER. This weekend I did accomplish something pretty big for me – I have finished 2013 in my Project Life book. Next session I’m hoping to catch up entirely so that I’m never that far behind again.

Also, I feel like February has become really good for IDEAS. Not necessarily implementing them, but for writing them down and getting ready for March.

How are you doing on your goals?

Meetup Goals : February 2014

the meetup banner 2013

Ah, February. The shortest month. Often the coldest month. But light is coming, along with Spring… and I can not wait. Despite the cold and dark, January moved at a nice pace for me and I got a lot done. Now I plan on cramming as much into February as possible as well.

My personal goals for January were to wear my FitBit more, record food, and to sort through and toss/donate clothes.

I did wear my FitBit, but I didn’t really pay attention to it like I should have and I certainly did not record food. I’ll try to be better. Really. I did, however, sort through my closet as we transferred to a new dresser. I got rid of a bunch of clothes that I will never wear, but there is probably more sorting I could do once Spring hits and I get the full cleaning bug.

fallenpeach goals for January were to get back on track with blogging, create a mission statement and re-organize my blog sidebar. Creating an editorial calendar helped me stay on track of blogging and last week I did a bit of re-organizing on the blog so two out of three ain’t bad.

Sammy & Friends goals – oh boy oh boy. I did create a little page on the blog for the kitten and his friends and Matt has been hard at work at a super special project involving them. But I neglected to make the new bookmark and that makes me a little sad. I wonder if it’s too late for a new winter bookmark in the shop?

Graphic Design ended up being a much bigger accomplishment this month than I thought it would be. I created the logo for an Etsy Team (Hartbeat, check it out here on our blog!) and absolutely love the results. AND! Not only did we come up with a name for our graphic design  company, but the logo is done and I’ve started preliminary work on a website. Way ahead of the game on that one and super excited to show it all off to you guys when it’s ready!

Other goals were to get my editorial calendar ready for February (done) and work more on my engagement calendar (which I’ve decided to abandon).

All in all, January wasn’t bad. I’m ahead on some things and behind on others, but I feel good about what I accomplished.

February Goals

  • Keep up with blogging
  • fallenpeach mission statement
  • focus on Etsy shop changes and updates
  • collect everything I need and make appointment for taxes
  • brainstorm and create new products for both fallenpeach and Sammy & Friends
  • begin to collect and organize graphic design portfolio and samples for new company

Keeping it short and sweet, just like February. There are a few things going on this month that will interfere so it’s best to focus on just a few goals this month.

How did your January go? Did you accomplish a lot? What do you have planned for February? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to see what projects you are working on!


Checking in on My January Meetup Goals

new dresser photo by fallenpeach

look! a new non-broken dresser!

Is anyone else surprised to see the middle of January already? Taking a look at my goals it looks like I haven’t gotten very far. Honest excuses include family time for a wedding and visiting cousins and some personal things that came up, but the truth is that I still haven’t mastered time management very well.

I have started wearing my fitbit again, although I haven’t been recording food. But it’s a first step to have it on me and be aware of how much I’m moving day to day.

And I have gone through a lot of my clothes and tossed some of them to make room because we FINALLY GOT A NEW DRESSER (see totally a mess and non-staged photo above 🙂 )and re-set up our closet a bit 🙂

The logo I created for Team Hartbeat will most likely get revealed some time this week, so there’s that accomplishment! And Matt and I are just a few days mulling away from finally deciding on the name for our graphic design company.

Also, I created and put up a new banner for this blog and will hopefully continue working on small changes as the month goes by. What do you think of the new banner?

How are your goals coming along? Did the middle of January catch you by surprise too?

First Meetup of 2014! January Goals

the meetup banner 2013

Let me just say, I am so ready for 2014.

2013 was a year of ups and downs, happiness and sadness plus lots and lots of IDEAS. I am, in fact, overwhelmed with ideas for 2014. Which means that I need to be even more organized that usual this year if I plan on getting any of them accomplished.

To help myself, I’ve made my own engagement calendar (more on that later this year!) and have written out an editorial calendar for January. I’m also back to categorizing my goals for the month. So, here we go!

fallenpeach January Goals 2014 Meetup


  • Wear Fitbit more often and record food.
  • Sort through clothes for holes and worn items, then make shopping list and replace tossed/donated items.

I am determined, this year, to be healthier. This doesn’t mean losing weight, more eating better and not getting caught in laziness traps. I also have noticed recently that I’m wearing like the same 2 pairs of pants always. I hate clothes shopping, but I think it’s time to assess what I have and what I need so that there is a bit more variety … and fewer holes….


  • get back on track with blogging
  • create official mission statement and put on all social media/websites/shop etc
  • re-organize blog sidebar

This is going to be a learning and building year for fallenpeach, Sammy & Friends and our upcoming graphic design division. I’m ready to push forward and get more professional and organized with everything. No more flying by the seat of my pants (as often, anyway). Also, time for a few little changes to spruce up the blog!

sammy & friends:

  • make bookmark out of new winter illustration
  • encourage Matt to make more illustrations!
  • build a page on this blog for Sammy & Friends

Sammy & Friends is quickly becoming its own business area and I’d like to devote more space to the little guys on this blog and elsewhere. I’m debating opening a second shop just for them on Etsy, but I still think owning more than one shop will be too difficult for me right now. For now I’ll start with expanding their visibility.

graphic design:

  • I was asked to create logo, banner and avatar re-designs for an Etsy team! Can’t wait to show off what we are working on 🙂
  • come up with name for our graphic design company

Our graphic design offerings are expiring in our shop because we are working on creating a whole separate business just for our custom work. This is a big undertaking and I want to do it properly. We probably won’t officially launch until late in the year, but keep in mind we are always available for custom and graphic design work!


  • write out February blog schedule
  • create February calendar pages, making changes from what worked and didn’t in January

As I mentioned earlier, I’m creating my own engagement calendar. It has elements that I’ve never really seen in one before and I plan on spending the year perfecting it. Sometime in the Fall I may offer printables or actual paper pages for sale, I’m still working out the details. Either way, I’m excited to work on this project and see how it works out.

THE MEETUP – has been slowing down a lot lately and I would love to see it built back up to the community it was. If you are working on monthly goals, please feel free to link to them in these blog posts and spread the word!

The Meetup is a community of bloggers who set monthly goals and encourage each other on projects and goals. Link to your goals below, I would love to see what all of you are up to this month!

Meetup: December & End of the Year Goals 2013

the meetup banner 2013

Happy December! It’s hard to believe that 2013 is nearly over. Looking back, it has been a rollercoaster of a year for me. But it’s not over yet.

On the first day of November, I talked about RESETTING. My goals for November where to simply work on personal projects, sort photographs from road trips and take some time for myself.

I would say I was mostly successful. There were two craft fairs in there, and a handful of other obligations, but overall I’ve really gotten a good start on resetting. That’s right, start. I’ve decided to continue my RESET goal until the end of 2013. I’m about halfway through sorting road trip photos and one of my big goals for December is to at the very least choose and print the ones I want to put in an album.

This is actually a great way to bring in Day 1 of 30 Days of Lists because my list for BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR is really just a fancy way of saying December Meetup Goals!


How was your November? What are your goals for December? Are you participating in 30 Days of Lists as well?

November Meetup & Taking Inspiration from Jena Coray


Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. Not all the time and not in huge amounts, but little by little. A couple weeks ago I had a little break down. I cried on my husband’s shoulder, took some deep breaths and then went on with my life. That tends to be how I deal with things – I don’t. I cry once and then keep moving. Sometimes this is good, but a lot of times it comes back to bite me.

Jena Coray is one of the first people who I found and started following on the internet after I started fallenpeach. I read her business blog and joined in a monthly Goal Meetup which has become The Meetup. Recently, Jena posted about taking an “accidental sabbatical” and I have to say, this post has arrived at the right time for me.

While I can’t exactly do what she did, I plan on taking inspiration from this particular blog post and using November to RESET.

In particular, I’ve noticed that my balance is off. I spend a lot of time working hard at two jobs (one 9 to 5 and then fallenpeach) but not seeming to get very far. I spend a lot of time blogging, twittering and marketing but not a lot of time working on my products and then there’s the big problem.

Let’s talk about my Core:  Photography. I love photography. I love showing you my work, both the photos that make it into bookmarks and those that don’t. I love making personal albums and looking through them time and again.

and I have, literally, hundreds of photographs from past trips that I HAVEN’T EVEN LOOKED AT.

Read that sentence again. I am all about road trips, photographs, adventures and I have folders and folders of photos that I haven’t had time to edit and put into a personal album, let alone sort  for new product photos. This isn’t healthy for me. I need to force myself to take the time to look at, edit and sort those photos.

There are other projects too that I need to work on. But what it all really comes down to is BALANCE and Time Management. I need to be better at both of these things.

So. November. My only goal is to Reset. I’m going to continue blogging, but not 5 days a week. I’m hoping for 2 or 3, but we will see how it goes. I’m not  going to pressure myself. I will remain on twitter, because it’s totally my addiction, and I’m really loving instagram as well. But behind the scenes, I’m going to try and work on those two things I mentioned. And hopefully, at the end of it, I’ll have a ton of new photos to show off and new products to boot.

What I’m hoping is that November will be for restructuring my priorities and December will be for slowly putting everything into practice. It’s amazing, but 2014 is right around the corner. And I have big plans for 2014, if only I can get my act together.

Have you ever RESET? How did you go about it? What are your biggest problem areas?

Posted your goals yet? Link to them in the comments, I’d love to read them!