Photo Friday: Flowers and Pearls

Flowers and Pearls Instagram photo by fallen_peach


Friday Photo: Instagramming about Narnia

Narnia Exists Winter Instagram photo by fallenpeach

I don’t know about you, but we’ve been getting quite a bit of snow this winter. Mostly it has been in small dustings, but this past week there was a lot more snow falling and staying around. I discovered Narnia outside my apartment complex but didn’t have time to explore that day, maybe this weekend.

What are your plans this weekend? Are you tired of the snow or still enjoying it?

January 2014 Round Up

sparkle ice photo by fallen_peach on instagram

January did not go by too fast. It actually moved at a nice pace for me and I’m proud of the things I’ve accomplished. In addition to my regular monthly goals, I have projects scheduled for the first five months of the year and as I type I’ve completed all but two things off of my January Projects list! In my Meetup post next week I’ll talk about the goals, but for the round up let’s talk about those projects.

I’m actually two months ahead on my graphic design company goals. Not only did we come up with a name, but the logo is complete and I’ve started initial work on getting social media names and website set up. This makes me really happy. Although we still have quite a bit to get done before we can launch, I love that this is moving smoothly and faster than planned.

January was my first month using an editorial calendar and I have to say, I love it. I’m still stuck on post ideas a lot of the time, but having the posts I do know I’m going to write planned ahead of time helps a lot. I’ve written an editorial calendar up for February and I’m hoping it goes as smoothly as January did. Putting aside time on the weekends to focus on blog writing is also helping.

AND – In case you haven’t noticed yet – I did some sprucing up on the blog! Our About page is all new, the sidebar is mostly new and the photo of us is new as well! I also changed my personal photo on twitter, etsy and google + so that they all match.

Projects I did not complete – mission statement for fallenpeach and a newsletter schedule for 2014. I’ll push these in to February and see how it goes!

Do you schedule projects for yourself each month ? How much did you get done in January?

Photo Friday: Brainstorming a Name

fallenpeach brainstorms a name for our graphic design company instagram

Happy Friday! This week we started brainstorming a new name, well an additional name, for ourselves. For our graphic design company that will be launching sometime this year. How I usually brainstorm is to write down all of the words I associate with the company I’m creating or just words I like. Then I start pairing things and going to an online thesaurus and seeing where it all leads me. Above you can see my brainstorming for this round. We may have a name, although I’m not sure it comes from any of the words above, amusingly enough. Still in the deciding phase, making sure it suits us and is clear and what we want before I start designing the logo.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Ice Photos and Goals for January 1st

ice on window photo by fallenpeach

Hello, dear blog readers! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that come JANUARY 1ST I WILL be back to blogging regularly. I am hard at work with Christmas gifts, personal projects, and getting ready for being back on track in 2014 right now, but I’m ready for January and being back here more often.

This past weekend I spent some time making an editorial calendar for January and sorting out which projects are taking priority. Because, oh yes, I have tons of projects in my head and on paper. Even some fantastic new ones I can’t wait to tell you about.

While you are waiting (patiently, I hope!) though, don’t forget that I’m on twitter rather frequently – @fallenpeach

I’m also on Instagram with my 30 Days of Lists posts and other random photos. I’m even posting an ornament a day from yesterday through Christmas.

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season, see you January 1st!

Choose Your Adventure: 90’s Road Trips, Route 66 and Disappearing


delicious candy corn cupcakes we found at the grocery store!

October has been a very very busy month for me. I’m torn between not believing November is almost here and wondering why my Halloween costume isn’t done yet if November is almost here… like I said, busy. I have a lot of plans and ideas floating around in my head and (I’ll talk about this more in my Meetup post) November will really be for focusing and re-setting my priorities. I’m really excited about it, actually.

Here are some adventures I’ve stumbled upon recently:

Jena Coray talks about why Disappearing was the best thing for her business

Best Western reminisces on a Retro 90’s Road Trip

I just found out about this Giant Route 66 Tag Sale (90 miles!) and wish I had the money and time to go. Maybe someday…

Great short film  – Route 66 – Ten Years Later the Movie


How has your October been?

Sneak Peek at Great Wide Open Roadtrip

If you are following me on twitter or instagram, you already know that we went on a grand one week adventure very recently. I’ve decided to focus on this most recent trip next on my Destination Wednesday posts because there are far fewer photos to sort than our Away we Go trip and quiet honestly that trip still intimidates me a bit. So, starting either next week or the week after I will get into more detail about our Great Wide Open roadtrip 🙂 !

Visit my instagram page for more collages of the trip, but for now here is a taste of what we saw!

blackhills_instateaser_fallenpeach pinkelephant_instateaser_fallenpeach