Falling Behind and Catching Up

Happy Monday! If you follow me on twitter at all, you know that the past two weeks I’ve been pretty sick and now I’m getting over what I’m fairly certain was the flu. I spent a lot of time sleeping and more time reading and not a lot of time doing anything else. Because of all of my sleeping and reading, I’ve fallen a little behind on some things. But now that I just have that annoying lingering cough, I’m back with my bullet journal and ready to plan out April and get back on track.

The past few months I’ve been stalling off one particular item on my to do list: Organize and Prioritize businesses. I think tackling this item might be the perfect way for me to get back into everything and help limit the stress of catching up.

How do you “catch up” when you’ve been away for a little while¬† due to sickness or vacation?


Meetup Goals: March 2014

the meetup banner 2013

Happy March! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for Spring. Despite all of the snow outside, I’m eager for March and all the Spring it promises to unleash, even if it’s not until the end of the month!

Let’s look back to February for a moment:

February Goals

  • Keep up with blogging
  • fallenpeach mission statement
  • focus on Etsy shop changes and updates
  • collect everything I need and make appointment for taxes
  • brainstorm and create new products for both fallenpeach and Sammy & Friends
  • begin to collect and organize graphic design portfolio and samples for new company

Looking at that list, I feel like I didn’t accomplish ANYTHING. But, in truth, other things took over my time and I’m actually in a really good place for March. I’ve been blogging regularly and I’m starting to really figure out my groove and what I want to blog about (more on this later). I also updated our shop banner to match the new blog banner and have started listing new items again. Having Matt photo/edit photos of new products was a brilliant idea and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the new Sammy cards as well as our new keychains!

I also have yet another business idea brewing and Matt and I have been talking a lot about it lately. That brings the grand total of business ideas currently in progress up to FOUR. Plus I have ideas for two brand new fallenpeach products in the works. My brain is just about ready to explode with ideas. I just need to focus myself enough to move forward on everything at the right pace. Which brings me to my


  • Get that mission statement done!
  • Put together tax things and make appointment
  • start work on graphic design business website
  • logo work for new business venture
  • Spring Cleaning!!!
  • try out one new product idea
  • continue listing new items at rate of one a week.
  • brainstorm new bookmark designs
  • Organize and prioritize business ideas

I’m feeling upbeat and confident right now, here’s hoping I can keep up with the ideas that keep popping into my brain!

How was your February? Are you ready for an ambitious March or just focusing on Spring Cleaning? Post links to your goals in the comments, I’d love to see what you are up to!

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February Meetup Goals Update

Winter Walk photograph by fallenpeach

It shouldn’t surprise me that February is just about half over. But it does. I’m getting there on my goals, but not quite all the way.

Blogging – I’ve been doing fairly good keeping up with blogging – right?

Etsy Shop – there’s a new banner in our Etsy shop and I have plans for a few other small changes.

New Products – I have a few ideas, but haven’t actually gotten to work on any of them …

and as for the rest … not even started.

Winter is hard for me. I make a lot of plans, but the cold and dark and ridiculous amount of snow storms tend to keep me down. HOWEVER. This weekend I did accomplish something pretty big for me – I have finished 2013 in my Project Life book. Next session I’m hoping to catch up entirely so that I’m never that far behind again.

Also, I feel like February has become really good for IDEAS. Not necessarily implementing them, but for writing them down and getting ready for March.

How are you doing on your goals?

3 Things I Learned Last Year about How I Use Project Life


Oh my growing love/hate relationship with Project Life. Well, more a love/hate about how I am with Project Life I suppose.

Just before I got married I decided that I wanted to use Project Life to document our first five years of marriage. Our first anniversary (September 30) has come and gone and I am just finishing up year one. Initially I was very frustrated. I couldn’t keep up and then forgot to write out cards and struggled to remember things that happened. I made a decision to stop after year one and then use a new kit to do a massive road trip book for our three big trips instead. Something less time sensitive I said, that will be easier.

Then two things happened. First, I showed my husband what I had done so far and he loved it. He asked me if I was going to keep going. And a small part of me wanted to say no. But the truth was, I loved it too. I loved capturing the small memories along with the large.

Then, when shopping for a a kit for my Road Trip book, I couldn’t decide between two sets. I eventually chose the Kraft edition and a small package of Road Trip themed cards (!!!). But my mom knew I liked the Midnight edition as well and surprised me with it for Christmas. So now I have two separate sets of Project Life cards and had only planned on doing the Road Trip book. Obviously, these two events changed my mind and I’m going to keep going.

So, I’ve narrowed down my problems and some solutions –

1. I take a lot of photos. A lot. Not every day, but at the big events and on hikes and things. It’s hard for me to narrow down those photos into two page spreads.

Solution: Don’t restrict myself to two page spreads if more are necessary. Also, remember that I can have a regular photo album too if there really are too many photos.

2. I can’t keep up. I am crafty and creative and (as mentioned above) take a ton of photos. For me, project life is more time consuming than I expected it to be.

Possible Solution: choose a day each week or one every two weeks to devote to Project Life. Once I am finally caught up, stay on top of it and try to be no more than two months behind at any given point.

3. My clippings and movie tickets and things are totally disorganized and in a pile on the floor. I forget they are there and then have to re-organize spreads when I remember them.

Possible Solution: Buy something small and cheap with four or five drawers that I can put clippings in to organized by month. If I stay on top of things, I’ll be able to store four or five months worth of things and never need more.

All in all, I’m excited about continuing Project Life. The Midnight Edition is GORGEOUS and I think suits me better than the first set I bought (Turquoise). I already found the perfect card to start off Year 2 of Marriage. As for the road trip book, I’ve sorted two out of three sets of photos for it and hope to get them all ready and printed by March or April so that I can start putting it together in late Spring/Early Summer. I want to have it ready for Thanksgiving or Christmas to show family. See? already giving myself broad goals!

Do you use Project Life? Do you have Problems/Solutions like I do? Share in the comments, I’d love to hear!

Meetup Goals : February 2014

the meetup banner 2013

Ah, February. The shortest month. Often the coldest month. But light is coming, along with Spring… and I can not wait. Despite the cold and dark, January moved at a nice pace for me and I got a lot done. Now I plan on cramming as much into February as possible as well.

My personal goals for January were to wear my FitBit more, record food, and to sort through and toss/donate clothes.

I did wear my FitBit, but I didn’t really pay attention to it like I should have and I certainly did not record food. I’ll try to be better. Really. I did, however, sort through my closet as we transferred to a new dresser. I got rid of a bunch of clothes that I will never wear, but there is probably more sorting I could do once Spring hits and I get the full cleaning bug.

fallenpeach goals for January were to get back on track with blogging, create a mission statement and re-organize my blog sidebar. Creating an editorial calendar helped me stay on track of blogging and last week I did a bit of re-organizing on the blog so two out of three ain’t bad.

Sammy & Friends goals – oh boy oh boy. I did create a little page on the blog for the kitten and his friends and Matt has been hard at work at a super special project involving them. But I neglected to make the new bookmark and that makes me a little sad. I wonder if it’s too late for a new winter bookmark in the shop?

Graphic Design ended up being a much bigger accomplishment this month than I thought it would be. I created the logo for an Etsy Team (Hartbeat, check it out here on our blog!) and absolutely love the results. AND! Not only did we come up with a name for our graphic design¬† company, but the logo is done and I’ve started preliminary work on a website. Way ahead of the game on that one and super excited to show it all off to you guys when it’s ready!

Other goals were to get my editorial calendar ready for February (done) and work more on my engagement calendar (which I’ve decided to abandon).

All in all, January wasn’t bad. I’m ahead on some things and behind on others, but I feel good about what I accomplished.

February Goals

  • Keep up with blogging
  • fallenpeach mission statement
  • focus on Etsy shop changes and updates
  • collect everything I need and make appointment for taxes
  • brainstorm and create new products for both fallenpeach and Sammy & Friends
  • begin to collect and organize graphic design portfolio and samples for new company

Keeping it short and sweet, just like February. There are a few things going on this month that will interfere so it’s best to focus on just a few goals this month.

How did your January go? Did you accomplish a lot? What do you have planned for February? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to see what projects you are working on!


January 2014 Round Up

sparkle ice photo by fallen_peach on instagram

January did not go by too fast. It actually moved at a nice pace for me and I’m proud of the things I’ve accomplished. In addition to my regular monthly goals, I have projects scheduled for the first five months of the year and as I type I’ve completed all but two things off of my January Projects list! In my Meetup post next week I’ll talk about the goals, but for the round up let’s talk about those projects.

I’m actually two months ahead on my graphic design company goals. Not only did we come up with a name, but the logo is complete and I’ve started initial work on getting social media names and website set up. This makes me really happy. Although we still have quite a bit to get done before we can launch, I love that this is moving smoothly and faster than planned.

January was my first month using an editorial calendar and I have to say, I love it. I’m still stuck on post ideas a lot of the time, but having the posts I do know I’m going to write planned ahead of time helps a lot. I’ve written an editorial calendar up for February and I’m hoping it goes as smoothly as January did. Putting aside time on the weekends to focus on blog writing is also helping.

AND – In case you haven’t noticed yet – I did some sprucing up on the blog! Our About page is all new, the sidebar is mostly new and the photo of us is new as well! I also changed my personal photo on twitter, etsy and google + so that they all match.

Projects I did not complete – mission statement for fallenpeach and a newsletter schedule for 2014. I’ll push these in to February and see how it goes!

Do you schedule projects for yourself each month ? How much did you get done in January?

Organizing: Having a Calendar Addiction and my February Resolution


I have a very serious calendar addiction. Right now I am using 5 different calendars. I realize that this is silly and quite possibly stupid, but until this point I haven’t really had a “breakthrough” on how to cut down on my calendars. And, honestly, some of them I won’t be able to cut down on.

The pretty National Parks one in our kitchen is strictly for looks. And the white board calendar by the door is for both Matt and myself to communicate what is going on in any given month. Those two are pretty much staying as is. And I’m saying it – the kitchen calendar isn’t a calendar. So there. Now I’m already down to 4 calendars.

I also have my cell phone calendar, a monthly hanging by my desk and an engagement calendar on my desk. The cell phone calendar sends me reminders, so that is good… which means that it’s down to the monthly and the engagement calendar to condense.

Sometime in November I decided I wanted to make my own engagement calendar, but after a month of using said calendar I realized the only thing I use it for is writing down my to do lists. Well, that and my editorial calendar but – oh wait I JUST FOUND ANOTHER CALENDAR ON MY DESK. … with just my editorial calendar for January on it.. which is also written in my engagement calendars. I really really have a problem. Back up to 5.

Anyway, back to my resolution – I think for February I’m going to try and condense and move all personal and business items to the monthly on the wall and create some other thing for my to do lists. Because, honestly, everything is all scattered and I need to get more organized. So my resolution will be to condense three calendars into one and find another way to write my daily to do lists.

So, hypothetically, in February there will only be three calendars and an on-going to do list notebook. So much better than 5, or was it 6?

Thanks for listening to my rambling. Do you have a calendar addiction? Do you have a solution for condensing?