Friday Photo: Instagramming about Narnia

Narnia Exists Winter Instagram photo by fallenpeach

I don’t know about you, but we’ve been getting quite a bit of snow this winter. Mostly it has been in small dustings, but this past week there was a lot more snow falling and staying around. I discovered Narnia outside my apartment complex but didn’t have time to explore that day, maybe this weekend.

What are your plans this weekend? Are you tired of the snow or still enjoying it?


Photo Friday: Connecticut’s Winter Fog

Connecticut Winter Fog photograph by fallenpeach

Happy Friday everyone! This is pretty much what I saw when I walked out my door every day this week. Gorgeous isn’t it? We are having the weirdest winter but I am not yet complaining. I hate the cold, so lately this 30 – 40 degree weather has been wonderful compared to that week of negatives we had!

I’m planning on working on personal projects this weekend like Project Life and then maybe a little logo work for ourselves. How about you?

On to the Next Thing! – a Monday Update


Our booth on Saturday. That’s Laura sitting behind the table 🙂

Happy Monday!

Thank you so much to everyone that came to visit our booth at the Milford Oyster Festival this past Saturday! My cousin Laura and I had a lot of fun talking to people and enjoying the weather. It really was beautiful out, although a little hot midday!

I feel like I have a whole new set of goals now that the Oyster Fest is done, and I really do. But I think this week will be for unpacking, cleaning up and organizing my thoughts. I need to make a lot of to do lists and figure out what needs to get done before The Next Big Thing. And I owe you more photos of our booth from Saturday, because I really think it looked great! That will be another post this week.

The Next Big Thing, fallenpeach wise, is our Anniversary in September. We will be 4 years old this year and small celebrations will be had.  🙂

What did you do this past weekend? Anything exciting?

Monday Update: 6 Days Left Until the Milford Oyster Festival!

New Wigwam Motel Pendant by fallenpeach on Etsy

one of my brand new pendants hanging on the awesome vintage radio I found this weekend!

Last week I felt stressed that I wouldn’t get everything done, but after this past weekend I just feel really excited. I haven’t done a craft fair in a long time and I do love them. Plus, I spent the weekend making new keychains as well as brand new round and square glass tile pendants and everything looks BEAUTIFUL. I can not wait to show them off next Saturday at the Milford Oyster Festival!

I added some things to my Craft Fair Checklist and printed it out. I made a to do list of everything left to buy or make or do and I’ve crossed almost everything off of it. My biggest concern right now is that I won’t have the big car I thought I was going to have to transport everything. And I have a Mini Cooper Clubman. I have a few backup plans if everything doesn’t fit, but hopefully I can have everything ready and test packing the car by Wednesday or Thursday.

Other things I accomplished this weekend: Bought an awesome, old and HEAVY radio at a tag sale to use as a display piece, found a super cute photo album to use for the September 30 Days of Lists and cleaned my desk. I also compulsively checked the weather. We are supposed to have a gorgeous day next Saturday, I can only hope that that stays true!

I spontaneously took the photo above this morning to show off a pendant and the radio, and now I think I have my prop for Etsy photos when I list the pendants – I absolutely love this photo!

I’m using a lot of exclamation points today. After the week I had last week, it feels really good to be happy and excited about something. Here’s to a good week full of good things happening!


Craft Fair Update: Milford Oyster Festival


We are incredibly excited to be back at the Milford Oyster Festival in Milford Connecticut on August 17, 2013! It’s been over a year since we did a craft fair (due to getting married and all 🙂 ) and I am so so so excited about this. I’ve been making a lot of fun changes to our craft fair display and getting a bunch of new products ready. My blogging has been a little erratic because of this, but I’m hoping to be back on track within the next two weeks. There is just so much to do!

Things you should know about the Oyster Fest – the headlining band will be Blues Traveler (!!!) and it’s a lot of fun. Hope to see you there !


Choose Your Adventure: Where is Spring?

choose your adventure from fallenpeach

Happy Friday! This week went fairly quickly for me and I feel like I did a lot more lazy time than work time. But once Spring truly hits I’m sure things will get more productive around here! 🙂 Do you get lazier when Spring takes it’s time coming?

Here are some of my adventures for the week:

You should join us for The Meetup, a group who meets monthly on their blogs to post goals and accomplishments. Headquarters are no on this here blog now!

Fed up with the new itunes, I’ve finally created a Pandora account. Am I the last one on the internet to join in on this wonderfulness? Although I still need a new music player, so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments!

As Spring makes her slow and thoughtful way towards us, I’m thinking ahead to craft fairs for Spring and Summer. And this week I stumbled upon this website to look for them: . So far I’ve already found at least one that I’m going to apply to for May.

Last Friday, Steve Rodgers opened his third music venue, The Spaceland Ballroom, in Hamden Connecticut. We went to see his band Mighty Purple at the grand opening and it was a blast. Mighty has been around a long time, but they only really play once or twice a year now so it’s a rare pleasure now to see them perform. Anyway, if you are in Connecticut and looking for some good music you should check out The Space, The Outer Space and the Spaceland Ballroom three distinct and equally awesome music venues sharing one parking lot.

How was your week? What adventures did you have?