Updates Galore – What to Expect from fallenpeach

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been super quiet here lately, but I’m in the middle of a million projects and I’m hoping to be back blogging by the end of July at the earliest. I am incredibly excited about everything we’ve been working on and I can’t wait to show off. 😀

Here is what you can expect from fallenpeach in the coming weeks:

1. My domain transfer finally went through. Which means that I’ll be transferring this blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and to fallenpeach.com officially, something that intimidates me a little. I’m hoping nothing goes horribly awry, but please be patient!

2. I have about 21 brand new bookmark designs that I photographed today and will be listing in the shop over the coming weeks! There are some great road trip kitch images as well as some beautiful hot air balloon images!

3. I also have three sets of 4 coasters photographed and almost ready to list! Yay for new products!

4. We are slowly building up our graphic design company, Side Route Studio, and I’m hoping to start working on the website soon. Stay tuned for updates on that. For a sneak peek at what to expect you can check out the temporary webspace here – Side Route Studio.


And on that note, back to work I go!




Changes on the Wind

Good morning and Happy Monday! I know I’ve been a little absent from the blog lately, but I wanted to let you know that there are changes happening behind the scenes.

I’m going to be moving this blog to a .com and I spent this past weekend doing the first few things necessary for that move. I also spent a bunch of time working on new bookmark designs 🙂 So a lot is happening, just not entirely visible right now. I’m also working on a new blog schedule, one that suits me better than my last one, and hopefully that will start up in May. Here’s hoping the move to a .com and a wordpress.org blog goes smoothly, wish me luck!