Organizing: Having a Calendar Addiction and my February Resolution


I have a very serious calendar addiction. Right now I am using 5 different calendars. I realize that this is silly and quite possibly stupid, but until this point I haven’t really had a “breakthrough” on how to cut down on my calendars. And, honestly, some of them I won’t be able to cut down on.

The pretty National Parks one in our kitchen is strictly for looks. And the white board calendar by the door is for both Matt and myself to communicate what is going on in any given month. Those two are pretty much staying as is. And I’m saying it – the kitchen calendar isn’t a calendar. So there. Now I’m already down to 4 calendars.

I also have my cell phone calendar, a monthly hanging by my desk and an engagement calendar on my desk. The cell phone calendar sends me reminders, so that is good… which means that it’s down to the monthly and the engagement calendar to condense.

Sometime in November I decided I wanted to make my own engagement calendar, but after a month of using said calendar I realized the only thing I use it for is writing down my to do lists. Well, that and my editorial calendar but – oh wait I JUST FOUND ANOTHER CALENDAR ON MY DESK. … with just my editorial calendar for January on it.. which is also written in my engagement calendars. I really really have a problem. Back up to 5.

Anyway, back to my resolution – I think for February I’m going to try and condense and move all personal and business items to the monthly on the wall and create some other thing for my to do lists. Because, honestly, everything is all scattered and I need to get more organized. So my resolution will be to condense three calendars into one and find another way to write my daily to do lists.

So, hypothetically, in February there will only be three calendars and an on-going to do list notebook. So much better than 5, or was it 6?

Thanks for listening to my rambling. Do you have a calendar addiction? Do you have a solution for condensing?