Reading Thursday: The TO BE READ Pile


I don’t know about you,  but I have a massive pile of books that I intend to read someday. Most of them I picked up at used bookstores or tag sales along the way, a small portion I bought at a bookstore and just never read and at least two were gifts. The problem, for me at least, is that I love to re-read books. Also, I read a lot of series books. So if a new one is coming out I feel like I should re-read at least the latest one in the series. And right now there are at least three different authors coming out with new books in series’ that I read. For the curious those authors are Robin Hobb, Diana Gabaldon and now Anne Rice. I feel like there is a fourth, but I can’t think of who it is right now.

What all this means is that my “to be read” pile has been neglected a lot this month. And may continue to be neglected for the next couple months. But it’s there and keeps growing. Maybe I’ll try to alternate between a new and old books for April.

How big is your  “to be read” pile? Tag me (@fallen_peach)  in a photo of yours on instagram, I’d love to see what you have on deck!


Reading Thursday: Do you Stop Reading when You Aren’t Enjoying a Book?

edgar sawtelle instagram by fallen_peach

This Reading Thursday I want to pose a question to you: Do you stop reading a book once you realize you aren’t enjoying it anymore? Or do you push through?

I finally finished reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and about halfway through I almost stopped.

Having finished it, I almost wish I had stopped. The book is beautifully written, but I started getting bored halfway through (and a friend had already noted the direct similarities to Hamlet so I should have known what was coming) and the end …. was more poetic than explanatory, which kind of annoyed and disappointed me. In the end, it isn’t a book that I enjoyed and it isn’t something I’ll be keeping or really recommending.

I loved the beginning, though, so it really had potential to be a book that I would fall in love with. And I think that is what kept me reading to the end. There have been books that I’ve refused to finish, but lately I’ve been having trouble giving up books I’m not enjoying anymore. Nickel and Dimed is another example of a book I stopped enjoying but finished reading. The Sparrow is another.

Next time, I think I’ll try harder to just stop reading. But what about you? Do you have trouble putting away a book before it’s done?

Friday Photo: Instagramming about Narnia

Narnia Exists Winter Instagram photo by fallenpeach

I don’t know about you, but we’ve been getting quite a bit of snow this winter. Mostly it has been in small dustings, but this past week there was a lot more snow falling and staying around. I discovered Narnia outside my apartment complex but didn’t have time to explore that day, maybe this weekend.

What are your plans this weekend? Are you tired of the snow or still enjoying it?