Road Trip to Syracuse Part 2: The Great New York State Fair

destination wednesday by fallenpeach

Welcome to Part 2 of our Road Trip to Syracuse series! Last week I showed you some photos from Green Lakes and around Syracuse and Liverpool. Below you’ll find some of my favorite photographs from our time at the Great New York State Fair 🙂

New York State Fair Baked Potato and Milk Traditions photograph by fallenpeach

New York State Fair 2013 Sand Sculpture photograph by fallenpeach

Sleepy Pig at the New York State Fair 2013 photograph by fallenpeach

Midway at the New York State Fair photograph by fallenpeach

Bird of Prey photograph by fallenpeach

Cute Lil Owl at the New York State Fair photograph by fallenpeach

1950's Fun House at the New York State Fair photograph by fallenpeach on etsy


Lindsey & Matt of fallenpeach

(1.) The Great Potato Booth (only a dollar, any toppings you want) and the Rainbow Milk Bar (25 cents a cup!) are two of my favorite traditions at the New York State Fair. Also, delicious.

(2.) I also love the sand sculpture – this year it was their logo and representations of things you’ll see at the fair. There was even a little roller coaster 🙂

(3.) this pig was super sleepy and cute

(4.) Midway madness! note the sign that says “crazy fried things”. They had deep fried bubble gum which just sounds gross. I stuck to deep fried mac and cheese, deep fried oreos and other delicious things.

(5. and 6.) I love seeing the Birds of Prey show and taking photos of the cuties like these two.

(7.) I was OBSESSED with photographing this fun house. Totally awesome and creepy. I love the 50’s theme, but the paint job is … not great, which makes it awesome.  I think this is my favorite photograph from this trip and can’t wait to make things with it.

(8.) We stayed for the Happy Together concert which featured a lot of cool bands from the ’60’s and made us happy.

(9.) Matt and I towards the end of the day. Do we look tired?

Despite the crazy thunderstorms at night, we had a really good trip to New York. It was a fun weekend and a great escape. We were able to fit in everything we wanted to do from rowing a boat on the lake to eating all the deep fried deliciousness we could. Just looking at the photos makes me happy and I can’t wait to get back to Green Lakes at some point in the next few years.

What’s your favorite thing about your local state or town agricultural fair?