Places We’ve Been: An Adventure Map



Since we met in 2008, Matt and I have been on a lot of adventures. Above is a rough estimate of our two biggest road trips (in white and purple) and a basic of a few of our side trips (like our Honeymoon to Disney) in blue. Matt keeps telling me I drew it wrong, but I honestly can’t remember enough detail for a perfect rendition.

The peach states are the ones that we have visited together, the blue are the ones that Matt has been to but I haven’t and the gray are states neither of us have been to. As you can see, I still have a bit of traveling to do to catch up and I’m already itching to get back on the road.

Here are some places we would love to see (or see again):

Lake Tahoe – we somehow managed to miss it both times because we were focusing on getting to Yosemite or San Francisco.

Washington Monument – Matt has been there, I have not and would love to see it.

More of Route 66 – we drove most of Route 66 the second big trip we had, but we would love to do a more detailed drive and then finish off with a visit to Disney Land to see their version of 66 – Cars Land.

Arches National Park (Utah) – this was on our list, but we didn’t have time and that still makes me a little sad.

Acadia National Park  (Maine) – something so close shouldn’t be this hard to get to!  (We are in Connecticut).

More of CANADA – we took an anniversary trip to Niagara Falls but didn’t have time to travel much past the Street of Fun.

And, of course, Hawaii and Alaska would be incredible to visit as well.

I would love to eventually get overseas as well, but my little fear of flying has me grounded for now. Also, there is still so much in my own country that I would love to see, I don’t feel too bad about not having made it across the ocean yet.


Where have you been and what would you love to see?


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