fallenpeach letterboxing

Our second favorite thing, after making things, is going on Adventures. We love hiking, road trips and adventures of all kinds. We love adventuring so much, we’ve started a second blog to focus on just our adventures: Nowhere Nerds. Letterboxing is a fun, easy adventure that we want to invite you to join in on. Have we said the word adventuring enough ?

First, a quick description: Letterboxing is sort of like treasure hunting. You bring a notebook, a pen, a compass, a stamp and a stamp pad on a hike in the woods and follow written instructions to find a hidden letterbox. Inside the box will be a notebook, a stamp and a stamp pad. You stamp their stamp into your notebook and stamp your own stamp into their book.

We here at fallenpeach will be placing letterboxes across Connecticut (and other places when we get the chance) and will be listing the instructions here on this site. Inside you will find, in addition to our stamps and notebooks, a special surprise!

Stay tuned to this website and our Nowhere Nerds blog to find out more about when we place letterboxes.


Click the Location to get printable directions!

Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden Connecticut


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