The Meetup: April 2014 Goals

the meetup banner 2013

Can you believe that it’s APRIL? March totally flew by for me. Felt even shorter than February, believe it or not.

I have to say, though, I was much more productive in March than February. I think it’s the excitement for Spring that gets me motivated and moving. April should, hopefully, be even more productive and hopefully warmer as well. I can’t wait to open windows and dig in to Spring Cleaning (something that did not get crossed off my March to do list). Let’s take a look back on my March –


  • Get that mission statement done!
  • Put together tax things and make appointment
  • start work on graphic design business website
  • logo work for new business venture
  • Spring Cleaning!!!
  • try out one new product idea
  • continue listing new items at rate of one a week. – mostly accomplished
  • brainstorm new bookmark designs
  • Organize and prioritize business ideas

Wow! I’m really happy with how much and what I ended up accomplishing in March. Our brand new missions statement is tops on our About page , taxes are done, we have a logo for yet another business venture and I’ve been posting photos on instagram as I work on a new product idea – coasters! I’ve also been blogging consistently, thanks to my bullet journal and editorial calendar.

In Etsy shop news – there are several new Sammy & Friends cards in the shop, and this month I’ll be launching new keychains there as well.

April Goals

  • Spring Cleaning
  • List new keychains, one a week
  • brainstorm new bookmark designs
  • organize and prioritize business ideas
  • work on graphic design website
  • learn a new skill – sewing
  • work on pricing and details for coasters
  • catch up on Project Life

The list makes me feel like I’m all over the place, but part of my April will be working on how to prioritize my business adventures and making sure that I don’t get overwhelmed. I’m thinking about working on a different project each week, perhaps. Or making my weekly schedules a little more detailed. We will see what ends up working best.

How was your March? Are you excited for April?

Join in our Meetup monthly, sharing your goals on your blog and linking to them in the comments below!


Shop Announcement: Price Drops, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! and Happy Friday!

How have you all been? I’ve missed blogging but I’m really getting somewhere on my personal projects. I can’t wait to continue building back into everything in December. I’ll also be participating in 30 Days of Lists again – how about you?

On to the Shop News!

Last post I talked about how our BOOKMARKS are now just $3.75 each.

Now, our Greeting Cards are just $5.50 each! AND

For this ENTIRE WEEKEND you can get FREE Domestic Shipping on any of your purchases with the code FREESHIPPING . Sale Ends Monday morning at 7:30 am EST.

Oh, and you will get a FREE mystery bookmark with any purchase this weekend as well!

Etsy Shop Announcement: Bookmarks now $3.75!

fallenpeach bookmarks now $3.75 on etsy

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching the past few months. And one of the things that I’ve been thinking about is fallenpeach and our pricing. I raised prices a little over a year ago after doing the math and adding in wholesale pricing. A week or so ago I re-did the math with new suppliers and new ways of making my products. I also made a few big decisions. One of those was to lower prices in general. Another was to lower bookmark prices significantly and no longer offer them wholesale.

One of my main reasons for starting fallenpeach was to offer accessible, useful art. For anyone. With our bookmarks now at $3.75 each I feel like I have that back. And it makes me happy.

I talked in my Meetup post about personal projects for November. Because I want to focus on those personal projects, I’m not pushing myself to get business things done immediately. My bookmark prices are officially changed. Greeting Card and Keychain prices will be changed by Thanksgiving. And then I will start photographing and adding in new products.

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t browsed our store lately we have a ton of awesome Route 66, Floral and generally cool bookmarks that are now just $3.75 each! Go take a look 🙂

Come Visit Us This Weekend at the Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival!


We are incredibly excited to be selling at our first two day event, The Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival this very weekend! We will be set up on Saturday and Sunday and can’t wait! As always, at craft fairs we offer prints, keychains and pendants that aren’t yet available in our Etsy shop – so there will be lots to see in addition to our greeting cards and bookmarks. 🙂 Come visit and say hi!

We have also added THREE smaller craft fairs to our schedule for November and December, I’ll be listing them on the sidebar towards the end of the month. That brings our total for 2013 up to 5 fairs, which is more than we’ve done in the past. I’m really excited to see how they go and to add even more for 2014!

Choose Your Adventure: National Parks, Route 66 and a Hint of 1950’s

1950's Funhouse Photograph by fallenpeach


Boy do I love how quickly this week went! We have a jam packed weekend full of birthday (not ours) shenanigans and a wedding ahead of us, but I’m hoping to fit in some time to sort photos from our trip last weekend as well. We went camping at Green Lakes and spent a day at the New York State Fair. Two out of three nights there were crazy thunderstorms, but overall it was a really good weekend and I can’t wait to share photos and stories with you. Above is my favorite instagram from the trip – a slightly sketchy 50’s funhouse on the midway at the fair.

ParksFolio – I just discovered this (I’m still catching up on blog reading!) site subtitled A photographic journal of the National Parks and I can’t wait to explore it.

Route 66 in 15 Days – here’s one possible way to travel Route 66 in just 15 days.


Last night I spent some time plotting out my blog posts for September. I’m not quite done, but I think I’ve worked out a way to continue my normal posts as well as fit in my 30 Days of Lists posts. There may be extra posts on certain days (and a few special Saturday posts as well) so this month will be a very full blogging month. Hope you enjoy reading my lists.  🙂 Happy Weekend!

>Tools of the Trade: Business Cards


 When I re-designed the fallenpeach logo I was almost out of business cards anyway – so I made new ones and ordered more. Since I started this, I’ve been obsessed with MOO. I print my business cards and my greeting cards through them and absolutely love the quality of the products.

Above are my current business cards. Mini Moo Cards are about half the size of a regular business card and I love their unique qualities. They are also thick and sturdy for easy handling. But this isn’t an advertisement!

What do your business cards look like? Do you use MOO or more traditional cards? How much information do you put on your cards? I’m curious to see your designs!