here at fallenpeach we believe in 

being polite | inspiring adventure | and great customer service 

we also believe that

road trips are the key to happiness 

choosing a bookmark can be almost as much of an adventure as reading 

documenting adventures is important, but not as important as enjoying the moment

and that hikes can clear your mind and inspire projects 

about lindsey and matt of fallenpeach

about: lindsey

photographer, graphic designer, writer, dreamer and road tripper.

addicted to: reading, twitter, calendars, making art and to do lists.

favorite authors: robin hobb, stephen king, christopher moore, robin mckinley, neil gaiman, margaret atwood, cherie priest, diana gabaldon and oh the list could go on and on.

about: matt

illustrator, artist, photographer, dreamer and road tripper.

addicted to: movies, reading, making art and hiking.

favorite authors: j.r.r. tolkien, michael crichton, orson scott card (his books), stephen king, george r.r. martin

about: fallenpeach

fallenpeach began during our time of unemployment in 2009/2010. Matt was laid off literally the day we left on a two week cross country vacation and I was laid off about a month after we got back.

Our second cross country trip, this time a 3 week adventure, was planned with the hope that we would either find a new place to settle, or at least be inspired by places and people along our journey.

We did a lot of talking and re-evaluating of our lives and the directions we were heading on our trip. When we came back, we both focused on finding what retail jobs we could and put the rest of our energy into building fallenpeach. In these focuses we found new energy and excitement about our art.

Over the years, our dream has grown and we are incredibly excited to be working on our original fallenpeach travel themed line as well as our new Sammy and Friends illustrations line.

In 2014 we plan on launching our graphic design company Side Route Studio.


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