30 Before 30 : The List

Okay I’m going to admit it – I failed at completing my 30 before 30. I said that I would change it to 31 before 31 since I spent a lot of time planning the wedding last year, but that just isn’t going to happen. However, at some point in the next month or so I will be changing this page to be a LIFE LIST instead of something that must be done in a specific time period.  So check back in March 2013 for a brand new list!

30 before 30 list:

1. find an Apartment, Move  (10/11)

2. find a plot for my novel and start writing again

3. put red highlights in my hair  (12/17)

4. print personal photos from 2010, 2011 (working on this week by week – 1/25/13)

5. focus on Date Nights

6. be promoted  (4/2/12)

7. get 500 Twitter followers

8. design and Send Holiday cards FAIL

9. do something artistic with our roadtrip postcards (used them for a guestbook at our wedding! – 9/30/13)

10. lose 10 lbs, maintain

11. visit Acadia National Park

12. go to Water Country 8/17/11 Blogged Here

13. create a “Collection” with my art

14. see movies at a Drive-In Movie Theater  7/22/11 Blogged Here

15. complete 365, Make more specific plans for 365 v. 2 FAIL

16. have a Giant Tag Sale (9/11)

17. try 3 New Foods (pineapple, blueberries, tomato soup, tomato based pasta)

18. watch 5 Films I feel I should have seen by now (ex. Godfather) (Some Like it Hot, Rocky, The Godfather, Alien, Blade Runner)

19. go sledding (not enough snow! 😦 )

20. read 3 books from Matt’s bookshelf that I have not read before (so far: Hatchet, The Abyss, Pirate Latitudes)

21. write a letter on paper and mail to a friend. (3/12)

22. go to the top of the Empire State Building

23. watch all of George Clooney’s movies

24. bowl a 150

25. make some cool Geeky shrinky dinks

26. do a video blog post (or two)

27. make a mix cd that represents my year of being 29

28. pose for a portrait to be drawn or painted by Matt

29. invest in a better printer 8/11/11

30. organize a monthly or bi monthly game night with friends


5 thoughts on “30 Before 30 : The List

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