Falling Behind and Catching Up

Happy Monday! If you follow me on twitter at all, you know that the past two weeks I’ve been pretty sick and now I’m getting over what I’m fairly certain was the flu. I spent a lot of time sleeping and more time reading and not a lot of time doing anything else. Because of all of my sleeping and reading, I’ve fallen a little behind on some things. But now that I just have that annoying lingering cough, I’m back with my bullet journal and ready to plan out April and get back on track.

The past few months I’ve been stalling off one particular item on my to do list: Organize and Prioritize businesses. I think tackling this item might be the perfect way for me to get back into everything and help limit the stress of catching up.

How do you “catch up” when you’ve been away for a little while  due to sickness or vacation?


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