The Meetup: April 2014 Goals

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Can you believe that it’s APRIL? March totally flew by for me. Felt even shorter than February, believe it or not.

I have to say, though, I was much more productive in March than February. I think it’s the excitement for Spring that gets me motivated and moving. April should, hopefully, be even more productive and hopefully warmer as well. I can’t wait to open windows and dig in to Spring Cleaning (something that did not get crossed off my March to do list). Let’s take a look back on my March –


  • Get that mission statement done!
  • Put together tax things and make appointment
  • start work on graphic design business website
  • logo work for new business venture
  • Spring Cleaning!!!
  • try out one new product idea
  • continue listing new items at rate of one a week. – mostly accomplished
  • brainstorm new bookmark designs
  • Organize and prioritize business ideas

Wow! I’m really happy with how much and what I ended up accomplishing in March. Our brand new missions statement is tops on our About page , taxes are done, we have a logo for yet another business venture and I’ve been posting photos on instagram as I work on a new product idea – coasters! I’ve also been blogging consistently, thanks to my bullet journal and editorial calendar.

In Etsy shop news – there are several new Sammy & Friends cards in the shop, and this month I’ll be launching new keychains there as well.

April Goals

  • Spring Cleaning
  • List new keychains, one a week
  • brainstorm new bookmark designs
  • organize and prioritize business ideas
  • work on graphic design website
  • learn a new skill – sewing
  • work on pricing and details for coasters
  • catch up on Project Life

The list makes me feel like I’m all over the place, but part of my April will be working on how to prioritize my business adventures and making sure that I don’t get overwhelmed. I’m thinking about working on a different project each week, perhaps. Or making my weekly schedules a little more detailed. We will see what ends up working best.

How was your March? Are you excited for April?

Join in our Meetup monthly, sharing your goals on your blog and linking to them in the comments below!


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