Reading Thursday: Do you Stop Reading when You Aren’t Enjoying a Book?

edgar sawtelle instagram by fallen_peach

This Reading Thursday I want to pose a question to you: Do you stop reading a book once you realize you aren’t enjoying it anymore? Or do you push through?

I finally finished reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and about halfway through I almost stopped.

Having finished it, I almost wish I had stopped. The book is beautifully written, but I started getting bored halfway through (and a friend had already noted the direct similarities to Hamlet so I should have known what was coming) and the end …. was more poetic than explanatory, which kind of annoyed and disappointed me. In the end, it isn’t a book that I enjoyed and it isn’t something I’ll be keeping or really recommending.

I loved the beginning, though, so it really had potential to be a book that I would fall in love with. And I think that is what kept me reading to the end. There have been books that I’ve refused to finish, but lately I’ve been having trouble giving up books I’m not enjoying anymore. Nickel and Dimed is another example of a book I stopped enjoying but finished reading. The Sparrow is another.

Next time, I think I’ll try harder to just stop reading. But what about you? Do you have trouble putting away a book before it’s done?


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