February Meetup Goals Update

Winter Walk photograph by fallenpeach

It shouldn’t surprise me that February is just about half over. But it does. I’m getting there on my goals, but not quite all the way.

Blogging – I’ve been doing fairly good keeping up with blogging – right?

Etsy Shop – there’s a new banner in our Etsy shop and I have plans for a few other small changes.

New Products – I have a few ideas, but haven’t actually gotten to work on any of them …

and as for the rest … not even started.

Winter is hard for me. I make a lot of plans, but the cold and dark and ridiculous amount of snow storms tend to keep me down. HOWEVER. This weekend I did accomplish something pretty big for me – I have finished 2013 in my Project Life book. Next session I’m hoping to catch up entirely so that I’m never that far behind again.

Also, I feel like February has become really good for IDEAS. Not necessarily implementing them, but for writing them down and getting ready for March.

How are you doing on your goals?


2 thoughts on “February Meetup Goals Update

  1. I am doing a teeny bit better with goals! And you’re right…it’s so hard to do in winter! I absolutely can’t wit for spring and summer. At this point, I don’t care if I never see snow again! Wow, I sound like a major grump! Lol

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