Shop Announcement: Retiring Photo Greeting Cards

Retro Lounge Route 66 Greeting Card by fallenpeach on Etsy

Retro Lounge Greeting Card is from a photo taken on Route 66 and is still available

This past weekend my brain was on fire with ideas. I truly believe that 2014 will be a time of growth, change and experimentation for fallenpeach and for me personally. It’s appropriate, I think because in September we will turn 5 years old as a company.

In the spirit of change and growth, I have made a difficult decision: it is time to retire my photo greeting cards from our Etsy Shop. Once they expire in the shop, I will not be renewing them. Hopefully I will be able to find a new home for them either on consignment or through wholesale and I will update you all if/when that happens. But for now – if you have been thinking about buying one (or more) of our photo cards (which are great for sending and also great for framing!) I would act now before they are gone!

Our Sammy and Friends cards will remain in the shop. In fact, we have more Sammy and Friends cards that are ready to be photographed and added in to the shop!

In addition to some brand new photo bookmarks that I am working on and a slew of new keychains that I have ready to photograph, I have an idea for a brand new product that I will be working on perfecting as well. Let the  challenges and growth of 2014 begin!


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