Checking in on My January Meetup Goals

new dresser photo by fallenpeach

look! a new non-broken dresser!

Is anyone else surprised to see the middle of January already? Taking a look at my goals it looks like I haven’t gotten very far. Honest excuses include family time for a wedding and visiting cousins and some personal things that came up, but the truth is that I still haven’t mastered time management very well.

I have started wearing my fitbit again, although I haven’t been recording food. But it’s a first step to have it on me and be aware of how much I’m moving day to day.

And I have gone through a lot of my clothes and tossed some of them to make room because we FINALLY GOT A NEW DRESSER (see totally a mess and non-staged photo above 🙂 )and re-set up our closet a bit 🙂

The logo I created for Team Hartbeat will most likely get revealed some time this week, so there’s that accomplishment! And Matt and I are just a few days mulling away from finally deciding on the name for our graphic design company.

Also, I created and put up a new banner for this blog and will hopefully continue working on small changes as the month goes by. What do you think of the new banner?

How are your goals coming along? Did the middle of January catch you by surprise too?


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