Craft Fairs: Letting Go of What Doesn’t Work


Strange to think, but it’s almost time to start preparing for Spring and Summer craft fairs. I received an email just the other day telling me that the application is up for a fair I did last August.

But here’s the thing, I’m re-thinking how I think about craft fairs this year.

We’ve done a lot of craft fairs. All kinds from big one and two day events to small little half day church fairs. We get tons of compliments on both our booth and our art; but, while we do okay at them, we don’t do spectacularly. So it’s time to make a change. Well, two changes.

The first change I’m making is – no more fairs that cost over $100. We just don’t do well enough at them to keep at it. It’s a sad change, because I love doing big fairs and talking to people. But, the fact of the matter is – they don’t work for us. At least not in this state.

And the second change is even bigger and harder for me. We are going to do just a few fairs this year and for each of them we are going to reverse our focus. Usually, the display is 75 to 80% fallenpeach travel photography (bookmarks, cards, prints etc) and the rest Sammy & Friends (bookmarks, cards etc). Well, this year we are going to switch those.

Matt’s Sammy & Friends illustrations are growing. He already has a new winter one that I am working with and we have a bunch of ideas in the pipelines. His illustrations draw attention at fairs and do fairly well there too. I want to see what happens when we put most of the focus on his art instead of mine.

sammy the cat sleeps on heart pillow bookmark by fallenpeach

Which hurts a little. But I need to let go of what isn’t working and try something new. It’s time. And I truly am excited to see what happens. So the winter is for building up on both stock and new images if possible and searching out fairs that we think will work for our Sammy & Friends line.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of bravery and to remember that the business is more important than pride to push forward and try something new.

Tell me in the comments about your experiences with pushing forward and making big changes – I would love to find it it worked for you or if you are working on another big change!


2 thoughts on “Craft Fairs: Letting Go of What Doesn’t Work

  1. Like you I’m busy restocking, the change I’m making this year is to only attend hand crafted fairs, as I get bitterly disappointed when I’m placed next to someone who is only re selling stuff they have bought in when I have spent hours & hours on my goodies and then they get better sales than me !!! perhaps I’m just a sore looser

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