First Meetup of 2014! January Goals

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Let me just say, I am so ready for 2014.

2013 was a year of ups and downs, happiness and sadness plus lots and lots of IDEAS. I am, in fact, overwhelmed with ideas for 2014. Which means that I need to be even more organized that usual this year if I plan on getting any of them accomplished.

To help myself, I’ve made my own engagement calendar (more on that later this year!) and have written out an editorial calendar for January. I’m also back to categorizing my goals for the month. So, here we go!

fallenpeach January Goals 2014 Meetup


  • Wear Fitbit more often and record food.
  • Sort through clothes for holes and worn items, then make shopping list and replace tossed/donated items.

I am determined, this year, to be healthier. This doesn’t mean losing weight, more eating better and not getting caught in laziness traps. I also have noticed recently that I’m wearing like the same 2 pairs of pants always. I hate clothes shopping, but I think it’s time to assess what I have and what I need so that there is a bit more variety … and fewer holes….


  • get back on track with blogging
  • create official mission statement and put on all social media/websites/shop etc
  • re-organize blog sidebar

This is going to be a learning and building year for fallenpeach, Sammy & Friends and our upcoming graphic design division. I’m ready to push forward and get more professional and organized with everything. No more flying by the seat of my pants (as often, anyway). Also, time for a few little changes to spruce up the blog!

sammy & friends:

  • make bookmark out of new winter illustration
  • encourage Matt to make more illustrations!
  • build a page on this blog for Sammy & Friends

Sammy & Friends is quickly becoming its own business area and I’d like to devote more space to the little guys on this blog and elsewhere. I’m debating opening a second shop just for them on Etsy, but I still think owning more than one shop will be too difficult for me right now. For now I’ll start with expanding their visibility.

graphic design:

  • I was asked to create logo, banner and avatar re-designs for an Etsy team! Can’t wait to show off what we are working on đŸ™‚
  • come up with name for our graphic design company

Our graphic design offerings are expiring in our shop because we are working on creating a whole separate business just for our custom work. This is a big undertaking and I want to do it properly. We probably won’t officially launch until late in the year, but keep in mind we are always available for custom and graphic design work!


  • write out February blog schedule
  • create February calendar pages, making changes from what worked and didn’t in January

As I mentioned earlier, I’m creating my own engagement calendar. It has elements that I’ve never really seen in one before and I plan on spending the year perfecting it. Sometime in the Fall I may offer printables or actual paper pages for sale, I’m still working out the details. Either way, I’m excited to work on this project and see how it works out.

THE MEETUP – has been slowing down a lot lately and I would love to see it built back up to the community it was. If you are working on monthly goals, please feel free to link to them in these blog posts and spread the word!

The Meetup is a community of bloggers who set monthly goals and encourage each other on projects and goals. Link to your goals below, I would love to see what all of you are up to this month!


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