30 Days of Lists: Day 30 part 2

Earlier in the week I posted list 30 for 30 Days of Lists, but because it was our anniversary I wanted to do two lists. One for the morning and one for after the day was over. Here is Part 2:

Today I Want to Remember


Participating in 30 Days of Lists was really good for me. I’m glad I made it through and have labeled my little photo album and stuck in on a shelf for looking at another day. And now it’s time to focus on my 8 million other projects plus the 3 million that are floating around half finished in my head. This weekend should be a busy one full of both fun and work and fun work hopefully.

My top priority will be preparing for the Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival, which is in just two weeks! I’m really excited as we have never done this show before AND we have never done a two day show before either.

What are your plans this weekend?


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