Meetup: October 2013 Goals

the meetup banner 2013

Road Trips are wonderful things. They refresh us and they get us talking about goals and dreams; unfortunately,  it takes everything I have to hold on to those conversations once we return home. Let’s look at my goals from September:

Keep up with 30 Days of Lists – Kinda proud that I made it all the way through with only a couple stumpers 🙂

– Catch up on Project Life (I’m only …. 3 months behind…. )

– Begin to organize old photos and collect into new photo albums. Condense in some places, expand in others.

– focus on fallenpeach itself. ignore other divisions temporarily.

– edit photos of new bookmarks, begin listing.

– Plot and take next road trip  – I can not wait to share this trip with you guys, it was amazing.


Lindsey Faces Down World's Largest Buffalo photo by fallenpeach

That would be me, facing down the World’s Largest Buffalo! 🙂

September wasn’t really a failure, per se, I had a wonderful month and we had  an awesome vacation. But in terms of goals, I did not get a whole lot done. Keeping in mind my goal of priorities from September and my need to slow myself down a little, let’s see what is in store for October (oh my god it’s October!) :

Craft Fair Prep

– make / restock select items that sold out at the Oyster Festival

– research and sign up for at least two Holiday craft fairs


– make list of new products, photograph and edit photographs, then make schedule for releasing them into our etsy shop.


– officially catch up with Project Life (still a couple months behind)


– start plotting, planning and branding for separating our graphic design services from fallenpeach


– keep to budget this month, less if possible.

– continue getting Halloween costumes ready.


How was your September? Do you have big plans for October? Join in The Meetup and post your link in the comments!

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