Road Trip to Syracuse New York 2013, part 1

destination wednesday by fallenpeach

Every few years we join my parents on a camping trip to Green Lakes State Park near Syracuse New York and spend a day on the lake and another day at the New York State Fair. I love this trip every time. Camping at Green Lakes has been a tradition for me and my parents all of my life and I love including Matt in on our tradition. Also, this trip features several of my favorite things: driving through the mountains, camping, fried foods, and a state fair. Here are a handful of my favorite photos from part one of our trip. Next week I’ll feature the State Fair part of our trip.












(1.) On our way up, we stopped for gas and saw a bear attacking a phone booth (2.) Our campsite, featuring our brand new wedding gift tent (3.) I love the color of the lake at Green Lakes (4.) Fairy Tale Eggplants at a Farmer’s Market (5.) Old Barber Pole next to a theater (6.) There was an unplanned stop to the Salt Museum (7.) Watching the storm roll in (there were amazing thunderstorms two of the three nights we camped) outside the Salt Museum (8.) No trip to Syracuse/Liverpool is complete without a trip to Heid’s for a hot dog (or coney) (9.) My view from the boat we took out on the lake – again with the gorgeous colors.

Not photographed – we watched Wreck-it-Ralph at the campground one night, which was fun, and saw a giant toad outside afterwards. We also saw a woodchuck, deer and rabbit. And a lot of runners. The park is home to high school running teams over Labor Day weekend for some reason.

Have you taken a trip to Green Lakes? What’s your favorite thing about the park?


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