Monday Update: 6 Days Left Until the Milford Oyster Festival!

New Wigwam Motel Pendant by fallenpeach on Etsy

one of my brand new pendants hanging on the awesome vintage radio I found this weekend!

Last week I felt stressed that I wouldn’t get everything done, but after this past weekend I just feel really excited. I haven’t done a craft fair in a long time and I do love them. Plus, I spent the weekend making new keychains as well as brand new round and square glass tile pendants and everything looks BEAUTIFUL. I can not wait to show them off next Saturday at the Milford Oyster Festival!

I added some things to my Craft Fair Checklist and printed it out. I made a to do list of everything left to buy or make or do and I’ve crossed almost everything off of it. My biggest concern right now is that I won’t have the big car I thought I was going to have to transport everything. And I have a Mini Cooper Clubman. I have a few backup plans if everything doesn’t fit, but hopefully I can have everything ready and test packing the car by Wednesday or Thursday.

Other things I accomplished this weekend: Bought an awesome, old and HEAVY radio at a tag sale to use as a display piece, found a super cute photo album to use for the September 30 Days of Lists and cleaned my desk. I also compulsively checked the weather. We are supposed to have a gorgeous day next Saturday, I can only hope that that stays true!

I spontaneously took the photo above this morning to show off a pendant and the radio, and now I think I have my prop for Etsy photos when I list the pendants – I absolutely love this photo!

I’m using a lot of exclamation points today. After the week I had last week, it feels really good to be happy and excited about something. Here’s to a good week full of good things happening!



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