Choose Your Adventure: Carhenge, Baby Otters, Bookstores and National Parks

choose your adventure from fallenpeach


Happy Friday!! Once again, I am incredibly happy to see the weekend arrive. This was a really rough week for me and I need to focus on some happy things this weekend.  The week started out so nicely, with a trip to Harkness Park and a peek at the ocean (see instagram photo above). Peace did not last long though. But in good news, I’m working hard getting ready for the Milford Oyster Festival which is NEXT WEEKEND (!!) and I can’t wait. It’s raining today so I hope that means Mother Nature gets it out of her system in time for a brilliantly beautiful day the 17th!

The town of Alliance Nebraska has bought Carhenge!  – I loved our trip there and am glad to know it will still be there when I go again.

National Parks (Subway) System Map – if the National Parks were connected by Subway

The Last Bookstore seems like a place I need to visit sometime. Apparently it has a labyrinth of books to search through!

Baby Otters make the cutest noises

Have a wonderful weekend 😀



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