30 Days of Lists (Self-Paced) : What’s In My Bag August 2013

In My Bag 30 days of lists by fallenpeach

I’ve secretly always wanted to do one of these posts. Here’s what’s in my bag:

1. The bag itself – obtained on our Honeymoon in Walt Disney World (note the Stitch pin in the bottom left corner).

2. Usually rolled up, my shopping bag comes from the Pequot Library where they hold an awesome used book sale every Summer.

3. Mini moo card holder with business cards is attached to my bag.

4.  Samsung Note tablet isn’t always in my bag, but sometimes it is.

5. Sample bookmark and greeting card (sneak peek!) for when I need to find craft fair supplies to fit these items.

6. My wallet.

7. A notebook . Normally with pen. Not sure where it went to for this photo.

8. Nikon (camera #2) for spontaneous photos while I am out and about.



I’m enjoying this self paced 30 days and can’t wait to sign up for the September edition of 30 Days of Lists – are you participating?


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