Choose Your Adventure: Route 66, Game of Thrones and Camping

choose your adventure from fallenpeach

keychain packaging by fallenpeach on etsy

It is FINALLY FRIDAY and I am so happy about that. I kept thinking yesterday was Friday. Above is my favorite instagram photo of the week, and my new favorite thing. I love love love my new packaging for keychains and necklaces that I will be debuting at the Milford Oyster Festival this month. What do you think of it?

A few adventures for you:

Cars on the Route (formerly 4 Women on the Route) will be adding more “Cars” themed cars!  – We visited this little shop in Galena Kansas on Route 66 to visit the original Mater (which the movie Cars based theirs on) but the shop itself was closed. Now I have even more of a reason to want to go back.

These are BRILLIANT – Game of Brands: The Game of Thrones Houses as Modern Corporations

Someday I want to go to the Route 66 International Festival  We almost did on our last trip, but ran out of time

41 Camping Hacks that are Borderline Genius – as I plan our August camping trip, I think I want to try a few of these!

Hope you have a great weekend! Tell me your favorite “adventure” of the week in the comments 🙂


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