30 Days of Lists: Playlists and Goals

30 days of lists 4 and 5 by fallenpeach

Welcome to days 4 and 5 of my self paced 30 Days of Lists.  Saturday I listened to some nostalgia filled music from Jump, Little Children to the Rent soundtrack (theater version) as I made an absolute disaster of our very small apartment organizing all of my display things for an upcoming craft  fair. The room is still a mess, so if my blogs are shorter than usual this week you will know why! I don’t think a Destination Wednesday post is happening this week, but hopefully on the weekend I can get one together for next week. We will see.

I had a moment, in the middle of my mess on Saturday, when I realized that the Milford Oyster Festival is 3 short weeks away and that I still have a LOT OF THINGS TO DO. I didn’t totally freak out, but I do need to use my time wisely this week. Which leads me to today’s list. I turned a “weekend goals” into “week goals” since it’s my Monday list and set some big projects for myself. Next Monday will be for August’s goals, this is just for this week!

What are your end of the month goals this week?


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