Let’s Talk About Lists

i heart lists graphic by fallenpeachIf I had to name 3 things that this blog is about they would be Travel/Adventure, Organization, and fallenpeach. I use photography, stories and lists to talk about and convey these ideas.

So, let’s talk about lists. I love lists. I make a to do list every day, sometimes several a day, I make goal lists, and I latch on to anything that requires a list. I tried making lists on my phone and tablet, but in the end I always go back to paper and pen. Some I stick with, others I fall behind on and some keep coming back with breaks in between.

Example: Years ago, I joined in on Gala Darling‘s Things I Love Thursday “list” making. Then I got distracted. My cousin Lizzie started a GratiTuesday List and I latched on to it, bringing what used to be my Things I Love Thursday ideas to it and combined the two. I’ve been better at keeping up on this since I see her posts on Facebook and immediately post mine. I used to write then down in a book but then the book sat on a shelf. This weekend I moved the book to a space in my desk so that I see it everyday and remember it is there. We will see if this helps. It’s my way of journaling.

Other than my personal to do lists, The Meetup is probably the closest I’ve come to being consistent with lists. It really helps me to map out my monthly goals and figure out what needs to get done overall. These are the lists I share with you and hope you will join in on.

So, with all of my list loving ways how did it take me so long to truly discover 30 DAYS OF LISTS? I mean, it even has list in the title!

The new set of lists will be revealed in September and I’m thinking about joining in this time. But, until then, I’ve printed out the free set of lists from 2011 and will be doing those at my own pace. I haven’t decided how often I’ll post about them here, yet, but I will be blogging them. The first may even arrive tomorrow!

How do you feel about Lists? What’s your favorite kind of list to make? Have you participated in 30 days of lists?


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