Choose Your Adventure: Minion Photo, Staying Cool and more

choose your adventure from fallenpeach

Lindsey with Minion NYC instagram by fallenpeach

Happy Friday! There were at least two days this week that I thought were Friday that (obviously) were not. It’s been that kind of week. It was also a big package week for me. I received an awesome gift from a friend and something special I ordered from MOO!

Today I’m also launching a new “feature” of sorts. I’ll be adding an instagram photo to my Choose Your Adventure posts each week. My favorite photo of the week. This week I couldn’t decide, so I’m posting two! Above is one of my fav NYC instagrams from Sunday. I was kinda excited when I saw the giant minion poster above Toys R Us.

Moo cards by fallenpeach

and this is just one of the things that my Moo package brought! New mini moo cards and a case in lovely orange! Next week I’ll write more about my package and the products we have coming soon. But till then, here are some internet adventures for you:

I am so looking forward to “Dear Mr. Watterson” , a documentary about Calvin and Hobbes – a life love for both me and Matt. We even had two of my cousins “perform” a conversation between the two about love at our wedding.

Kam of Campfire Chic tuned me in to Blog Brunch and I plan on exploring the blog this weekend and taking part next time the chat happens if I can!

Great tips on staying Cool this Summer over at And Then We Saved

Staying in a hotel soon? Here are some basic Hygiene tips at the Best Western blog

Have a great weekend!


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