Choose Your Adventure: Moo sales, Dirty Dancing and Gorgeous Photos

choose your adventure from fallenpeach

This weekend we are going on at least one mini roadtrip and a NYC adventure and I can not wait! I worked on my birthday, so I’m taking both bookending weekends to celebrate. This week I’ve also been working on Sammy and Friends greeting cards (!!) and more craft fair preparation for August. Yesterday felt like Friday, so I’m going to be so glad when this day is done and I can relax for a little while. How was your week?

Adventures :

MOO has launched a game called Droplets and it’s addicting 🙂 (They are also having a Sale until Saturday!)

This article made me smile : “Dirty Dancing” Is A SUBVERSIVE MASTERPIECE And Here Are Four Reasons Why (via xojane)

Absolutely GORGEOUS photos of Iceland (including puffins!) over at Irene Suchocki’s eye poetry blog

PS: I’ll be launching another new bookmark in our Etsy shop next Tuesday, have you seen our latest two? Sammy Celebrates Spring and Dragonfly in Summer?


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