Destination Wednesday: Gatlinburg Tennessee


destination wednesday by fallenpeach

Gatlinburg Trolley Photograph by fallenpeach

Ah Gatlinburg. Home to some of the most beautiful Smokey Mountain views and some of the craziest kitchy tourist attractions. Matt had already been and I remember he was really excited to show me what he loved so much about the area. And I have to admit, I fell in love as well. Somewhere in between Hillbilly Mini Golf and those gorgeous vistas. We’ve been back a few times since this first trip, including a week stay in a cabin, but nothing beats that first impression.

From the Hello America blog, circa 2009:

“Drove through a crazy rainstorm in Tennessee… but it cleared up almost as soon as we entered town… and boy what a town.

Gatlinburg Attractions photograph by fallenpeach

I describe Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge as Las Vegas, the New York State fair and a Renaissance Faire all rolled into one. Bright flashy signs and lights, tiny little shopping villages and mini golf/arcades/haunted houses etc etc etc galore. Tons of Old Tyme Photo stands, fried dough and corn dogs for sale and a Ripley’s museum or two. Thankfully the rain ended as we checked in so we had a wonderfully perfect evening walking around town and looking in shops and playing mini-golf with a wonderful view of the mountains. The weather was perfect, I wore jeans but didn’t need a coat. Here’s hoping we get good weather for tomorrow too… maybe the storm is done.

There are also – we counted – 9 Pancake houses within a 3 minute driving distance on a main road through Pigeon Forge. There are more we missed, we’re pretty sure. But try to go to these pancake houses and you discover that they are only open until 2pm. Had to go to this fantabulous 50’s diner for some pancakes as it was after 9pm. They were aaaamazing though. ” – Lindsey, April 19, 2009

Gatlinburg Mini Golf photograph by fallenpeach

Have you been to Gatlinburg? What were your first impressions?


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