Craft Fair Display Changes are Afoot

Oyster Festival 2010

our craft fair tent circa 2010

Over the weekend, I spent a lot of time trying to catch up on my June Goals for Craft Fair prep. I looked over photographs of my past displays and knew that I needed a change. While I like the display pieces I’ve used in the past, they are a bit all over the place and don’t fully represent the branding, themes and “mood” that I want to set under our tent.

On Saturday I visited two local Savers (it’s like a Goodwill but more awesome) as well as Home Goods and Joann Fabrics. I came home with a few key items that are completely revolutionizing the way I am thinking about my display. Luckily, most of these items were inexpensive and I’m hoping that I can find the rest of the pieces I need to round out my display ideas.

instagram vintage suitcase display by fallenpeach

How I WAS thinking about our display:

Several years ago, when we first started doing craft fairs,  I focused on our colors (peachy orange, white and black) and more traditional ways of showing off our products. Matt built a spinner rack for our bookmarks, I bought wooden boxes to paint for small prints, and greeting cards started in dish racks and moved to a big black metal display.

Over time, I changed a few things out and now our greeting cards get flipped through in bronze gardening buckets. Large prints have their own professional stand and the wooden boxes still work great for our small prints. The bookmark spinner, however, is falling apart. Which is what started me thinking about changes. All I knew, a week ago, was that I wanted to buy gray sheets for tablecloths to replace the harsh black we have now and I needed something new to show of the bookmarks. Then I went shopping.

instagram route 66 display by fallenpeach

First I found an awesome Route 66 themed gas pump that opens and has two shelves. It wasn’t cheap, but it was perfect and so I snatched it up. Then I found a gorgeous blue suitcase with near perfect condition interior for $3 and several cooling racks for $2 each. I also found a wooden stand that reminds me of a sign post on Route 66 pointing the way to several attractions.

How I am NOW thinking about my display:

I want to emphasize travel, adventure and Route 66 since that is the basis for my photography and for fallenpeach. I also want to set a retro mood. All of our display pieces must now fit into this theme, with a few small exceptions, and hopefully in the end I will have a cohesive, comfortable, retro mood under our craft fair tent.

instagram craft fair display pieces by fallenpeach

Ultimately I see a lot of vintage stores in my future weeks and a lot of prep work still to come. But I am excited about these changes and can’t wait to see the finished product. I am also collecting a list of fairs in the area so that next year I can be better prepared to apply early and sell at more than one Summer fair!

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