Destination Wednesday Mini: Memphis Tennessee

Graceland Sign photo by fallenpeach

I’m running a little late this morning and don’t have time for the post I had intended. But in between Tucumcari and Gatlinburg  fell our little detour to Memphis, which was sort of entertaining. From the Hello America Blog, circa 2009:

Touched down in the pouring rain…

We’re heading out from Brinkley, Arkansas towards Graceland and of course it’s pouring rain. We already listened to “Walking In Memphis” and noted the comment about pouring rain. Now we’re listening to Paul Simon’s “Graceland”, although I’m thinking more and more I may not even be getting out of the car because damn it’s raining hard. We don’t really have time to go in anyway, I just wanted to see the gates – but I hope I can get some kind of decent photo. At least maybe the rain is washing the dead bugs off my car.

Graceland Terrible Photo by fallenpeach

My absolutely terrible photo of the gates of Graceland, open.

— So apparently Graceland does not open until 9. It’s 8:15. We were going to just park and take a photo of the gates except the gates are open and there are a bunch of cops around – there was a tent out and it looked like there was something going on. The biggest problem for me is the rain. It’s absolutely pouring and in combination with everything else it just seemed ridiculous. So we saw the gates, snagged a couple postcards at a gas station and took a photo of the more official looking sign across the street. And now we’re driving through the rain to Gatlinburg. I really hope it stops raining by the time we get there because I’d really like to see the town. Memphis I could give or take – it seemed silly to not try since we were passing through – but we’re staying in Gatlinburg and I’ve heard so much about it from Matt I’ve been kind of excited for this all week.” – Lindsey, April 19, 2009

Heartbreak Hotel photo by fallenpeach

All in all, our time in Memphis was a disaster. The rain was pouring so hard that it was impossible for us to really do anything. The photography in this post is ridiculously bad and therefore awesome and representative of this mini attempted excursion. I won’t soon forget it, but someday it would be nice to make another attempt at seeing the gates of Graceland.

Next week, the amazing and gorgeous and ridiculous Gatlinburg!


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