June Goals, 2013

the meetup banner 2013

Is anyone else amazed that it’s already June?  May was a surprisingly productive month for me and I think I’m getting better at focusing and keeping myself from getting overwhelmed. Let’s look at May:

MAY GOALS – Focus on Blog and Portfolio

– Make new sidebar graphics – have you seen my new sidebar yet?

– Make list of blog topics for future posts  The list isn’t big, but I do have a list of blog topics to pull from. I’m hoping this will help.

– Make custompeach blog portfolio page (s) Have you seen them yet?! Graphic Design and Custom Art

– sort items on tablet portfolio and make into a neat, easy to browse set of folders with only the best of the best  DONE! Tablet portfolio ready to go!

– check out other blog templates, make sure this is the right one for me  I changed blog templates and love the new one!

– re-evaluate blog schedule, make official calendar I have a general guideline for what days I post certain types of posts. In May I started making a more detailed schedule. I’m using the Windows desktop app Scratch Pad to keep a dated list of posts. Once I write the post I delete it from the list. I haven’t been using it too terribly long (try a week), but so far so good. I just need to get a few weeks in the list so that I’m ahead of the game.

Other Goals

– finish Steampunk outfit and accessory build for SPWF Our outfits and accessories were super awesome, did you see the photo at the bottom of this post?

– apply to another craft fair  for Fall, research more Spring fairs – I did look for Spring fairs (without success) but did not apply for Fall fairs yet. BOO.

– at least photograph new bookmarks if not put into shop. – I didn’t do this either, but I will in June.


Awesomely Productive May I had there! I am, seriously, really proud of myself. I hope that I can keep this momentum going for June. Although the one craft fair we are signed up for isn’t until August, My Overall Goal for June is: Craft Fair Preparation.

– Find all craft fair display pieces and put in one place

– Buy new gray sheets for tables (I want to change my color scheme from black)

– Sort new display pieces and decide on new table layout

– Have a new banner made

– Have a stamp made

– Decide on sale items

– Order supplies for new keychains and pendants

– Decide on new prints to get together/have printed, buy more mattes for them.

– Decide on framed prints, change out from what is already framed if necessary

– Buy clipboard for e-mail list sign up

– Make checklist of what to bring (don’t forget snacks and water)


Other Goals:

– Photograph new bookmarks

– List at least one new bookmark

– Continue craft fair research


How was your May? Did you accomplish a lot?

What are your goals for June? Post your own  Goals link in the comments!


5 thoughts on “June Goals, 2013

  1. Congrats on getting so much done in May! You seem like you are really getting organized. I’ll be out looking for some amazing craft fairs too. You would think there would be easier ways to find them by now.
    Have a wonderful June, Lindsey and don’t forget to have little bit of fun this summer!

    • Thanks! And I know, finding craft fairs is ridiculously hard. I think I’m going to have to push myself over the next year to really seek them out. Maybe next year I’ll have more lined up!
      Are your goals up yet? 🙂

    • Thanks, Candy. I have trouble sometimes talking to other vendors but I think this year I’ll make a bigger effort. Maybe I can find some good shows for next year if not this year.

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