Organize Now! Organizing Book Review, a Follow-up

organize now book photo by fallenpeach

Earlier in the month, I picked Organize Now! as my business/organizing book to tackle during May and I’m proud to say that I have finished paging through it with a week to go. All of the post it markers you see above are gone and the book has been put into the Tag Sale pile.

This book is not intended for me. I don’t have a house or kids, and I am already fairly organized. While I did take notes (using my Note 10 tablet!) on several chapters and give myself some new organizing goals, most of her suggestions I either already participate in or don’t apply to me. She has some really great ideas and I wish that this was a book that I could take out once a year and use to re-evaluate my goals, but I know that it isn’t for me so in to the tag sale pile it goes.

I will say that for someone who is not too organized or someone who has more house or family to organize, this book would probably be really  helpful. It’s organized by category/room and set up so that each section is a one week project. I liked that each chapter ends with a breakdown of the things you should accomplish weekly, every three months and once a year. Remembering to accomplish these things every three months or once a year will be the tricky part, but I’m already working on my calendar organization so that I can make notes much further down the line.

Two of my favorite tips from this book:

– Use a three hole punch and a binder to store old bills

– Clean out your wallet weekly


Have you read this book? Was it helpful to you? What other organizing books have you read? What’s your favorite?


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