May Flowers? A Lesson in Focus and May Goals

the meetup banner 2013

April was a rough month for me. I didn’t accomplish near as much as I wanted to and the chilly weather kept bringing me down. However, I did re-evaluate the way I am FOCUSING and I have high hopes for May. I realized that I am still trying to do too much. I am focusing day by day but I need to choose fewer projects to focus on per month. SO. In an experiment I am choosing ONE PROJECT per month to focus on. Other things will come up, I’m sure, but ultimately MAY will be for BLOG and PORTFOLIO work.

Let’s look at April:

Simplify – get rid of some STUFF – I started the month with Spring Cleaning and already have a big box ready for a June Tag Sale

Sleep more I’ve been setting an alarm for 10 pm in order to remind myself to go to bed. It mostly works, but not often enough. Need to work on this more.

fallenpeach Newsletter for Spring (have a great plan for this, you may want to click the link in my sidebar and sign up!)

Set up tablet Portfolio – half done. I loaded a lot of pieces onto the tablet, but it isn’t organized yet.

Spring Apartment Cleaning – partially done. Did clutter control but not deep cleaning.

Look into more Craft Fairs

SPWF Outfit!! – found a cute shirt that should work and have pieces to make super awesome accessory, just need to put it all together.

Re-do Blog Sidebar

Add more Graphic Design and Custom Art into Etsy Shop

Research Storenvy

Decide whether or not I am BRAVE enough to totally cut off almost all of my hair (I need a change :)I DID IT I CUT MY HAIR! Did you see?

More Project Life work.


Pushing forward

MAY GOALS – Focus on Blog and Portfolio

– Make new sidebar graphics

– Make list of blog topics for future posts

– Make custompeach blog portfolio page (s)

– sort items on tablet portfolio and make into a neat, easy to browse set of folders with only the best of the best

– check out other blog templates, make sure this is the right one for me

– re-evaluate blog schedule, make official calendar

Other Goals

– finish Steampunk outfit and accessory build for SPWF

– apply to another craft fair  for Fall, research more Spring fairs

– at least photograph new bookmarks if not put into shop.

AND THAT IS IT. I am cutting myself off. If I let myself, I could just keep going with goals and things I want to accomplish but I REFUSE TO OVERWHELM MYSELF!! .. Sorry, done losing my mind now. Time to FOCUS!

How was your April? What are your goals for May? Post your own May Goals link in the comments!


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