Business Book of May: Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry

organize now book photo by fallenpeach

Back in March I admitted to my Business Book Obsession. Now, with May around the Corner, it’s time to attack that pile. I’ll actually be starting with a book that I’ve had for a while, but somehow managed to missed the photo shoot: Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry.

I’ve decided to start with this book because, as you can see, I’ve already marked it up. Do I remember what pages I marked or how they will help me? No. No I don’t. I obviously didn’t take this book the next step forward that I needed to, so I’m going to take May to re-read it and re-evaluate those marked pages. I will try to work those goals into my life and make them habits.

Another reason that I decided to start with this book is because I recently re-read The Happiness Project (which I first read and reviewed here). As I was sorting my books into piles for keeping and for tag sale-ing I realized I was torn on which pile this book belonged in. When I initially read this book in 2011 I loved the concept but was bothered by the author’s personality and narration. I got something out of the book and so I kept it on my shelf. However, upon a second reading (or, rather, skimming) I don’t know that this is a book I need to keep on my shelf. It is a reminder of goals that I should have, at this point, incorporated into my life. Reading it again didn’t gain me any new knowledge and I found myself skimming rather than reading. Into the tag sale pile it went, but the inspiration to get more organized and therefore “happier” stayed. So I’m moving on to Organize Now with the hope that this book will push me farther in the right direction.

Next week I’ll update you on how my journey through this book is going and if I think it is helpful for me.

Have you read The Happiness Project or Organize Now!  ? Did you like them? How did they help you?


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