Destination Wednesday: Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California

destination wednesday by fallenpeach

From San Francisco, we took a beautiful trip through a Redwood Forest. Redwoods are something that have always interested me, but that I never thought I would actually see. This trip in general would prove full of places like this, but the redwoods… the redwoods were incredible.

From the Hello America Blog, circa 2009 –

“Losing track of days, which is fine. I know it’s Tuesday and we’ve been on the road a week tomorrow. We left San Francisco behind around 9 this morning and started our drive south. We took this amazing road that curved up a mountain for something like 12 miles. It was an incredible experience and the trees just kept getting bigger and bigger. We reached a vista point and stopped the car for a breathtaking view of the mountains from the top of one. There was a quirky dirt trail that we both kind of really wanted to walk on but we didn’t have time really to explore just then. We continued our curvy route up the mountain and eventually entered Big Basin Redwoods State Park just south of San Francisco California.

California Mountain Path photograph by fallenpeach

Driving through the park we both kept getting distracted because the trees were just so big and so so beautiful. Arriving at the Headquarters we saw that they were having a controlled fire which smelled amazing. From there we took their shortest path through the woods – Redwood Loop – which took us maybe half an hour to 45 minutes including the billion times we stopped to take photos. While this wasn’t the main northern redwood park, these trees were pretty incredible in and of themselves. We also were able to see the biggest trees in that particular state park which are the biggest both around and height wise that I’ve ever seen. It was awesome.

Redwoods and Smoke photograph by fallenpeach

While it wasn’t a hike, in fact the path was completely flat, it was a really nice walk through the forest and the redwoods were awe inspiring. I want to take of one of the photos of us there and write across it ” On Endor, lookin fur ur Ewoks” because after being completely in awe and fascinated by the sheer size of everything around us, we realized that we were totally on Endor. I feel like, in this particular case, photos can tell better than words how incredible this was, but basically we were just grinning ear to ear the entire time and I was jumping up and down a lot. I’m so so glad that we were able to take that path and see the Redwoods.” – Lindsey, April 14, 2009

Lindsey Pattavina at the Redwoods photograph by Matt Pattavina fallenpeach

Above you can see me in front of one of the trees. It was super cold and I’m wearing Matt’s San Francisco hoodie. I remember looking up inside of this tree and seeing the sky above.

Have you seen the Redwoods? Which park did you go to? What is the most awe inspiring place that you’ve been?


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