Destination Wednesday: Dreaming of Relocation

Massachussets Bouys photograph by fallenpeach

As the weather attempts to lean towards warmer and Summer Reading starts to enter the bookstore, I’m starting to daydream about relocation. A part of me has always wanted to live in a touristy town on the East Coast. Like Portsmouth, Rockport, Provincetown, Kennebunkport, even an island like Nantucket. I live in kind of a boring part of Connecticut (most of Connecticut is boring to me) and the thrill of a Summer Tourist Town like those I mentioned was always a trip I looked forward to come Summer Vacation.

Getting older, I start to wonder if living in a place like that would be sustainable for us. Would we be able to start and run our own businesses? Or would we find some unique and interesting business to work for? Would I get bored once I had been there a while? What happens in Winter time? All viable questions that I may start looking into this Summer.

We’ve also talked about northern California, a place that we visited and absolutely loved. But the appeal of the Northeast still draws me in for some reason.

What is your dream town like? Have you visited there or only dreamed of it? Do you live or work in a touristy town? How do you like it or do you not?

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2 thoughts on “Destination Wednesday: Dreaming of Relocation

  1. Don’t just be a dreamer when you like to relocate to places you feel enjoyable. One of the best approach to take is to go there and live there for a week or two, experience the beauty and nature of the place. When you fell in love with that place at your first experience, go home .. take some thoughtful examination of yourself. Like that you were asking in your writing above. You should take another attempt to go and experience the place and explore further what have you not seen the first time you went. It is amazing to experience your second opinion for the second time around. Meet with the locales and enjoy the amenities like they do. Then go home again and make a final assessment if it is still the same place that you would like to live in the next few years and or until the end of your journey on this earth. Your final decision will be influenced by strategic thinking and critical examination of facts. When you are able to answer your questions with all affirmative – you found the right place to live, and don’t hesitate to call for a relocation help, at that time as relocation will never be easy. Best wishes to your new adventure.

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