Meetup Goals: HELLO April!

the meetup banner 2013Hi April, boy am I glad to see you! March pretty much stayed a Lion till the very end both in weather and other things and I’m ready for a change. But first let’s look back at my goals for March.


Set up MEETUP HEADQUARTERS on this blog (!!) Have you visited Headquarters yet?

Add more keychains and custom art into shop

Brainstorm with Matt for Spring themed Sammy illustrations I have one bookmark almost ready for the shop and a second adorable image that is a bit too big for a bookmark. Still deciding on if it’s time for a new batch of cards yet.

Obtain SQUARE Done and I am so excited to try it out 🙂

Research Spring and Summer Craft Fairs – sort of did this, but was thwarted by my first choice of a second fair for the season because of the date it fell on. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

Catch up with Project Life book – again, sort of worked on this but not to the point I want to be at so it doesn’t get crossed off.

Make new bookmarks from Honeymoon photo choices I have a handful of bookmarks that are almost ready for the shop, although not many images came from the Honeymoon photos.

Put together more pendants and organize them for selling at a consignment shop

Start researching and putting together new Steampunk outfit for the World’s Fair (also buy tickets for World’s Fair)


As you can see, March was a bit hit or miss. I did get a lot done, but not as much as I wanted to. I’m excited about the new Spring – like bookmarks that I have almost done and I’m really excited about getting Square and buying tickets for the Steampunk World’s Fair. Also, on Saturday I spent a few hours moving a few furniture pieces with Matt and was forced to completely clean and organize my desk and bookshelf near my desk. I have a growing collection of things for a Spring Tag Sale.

AND, the most exciting thing to happen this month, my parents gave me a super (like a few months) early Birthday present by replacing my almost dead tablet with a Samsung Note 10.1 . I’m waiting on a case I ordered before I bring it about places, but I CAN NOT WAIT to set it up as the ultimate traveling portfolio for myself and fallenpeach. I also downloaded Square onto it and am hoping we have Wi-Fi at craft fairs so that we have the bigger tablet space rather than a phone for taking credit cards.


Simplify – get rid of some STUFF

Sleep more

fallenpeach Newsletter for Spring (have a great plan for this, you may want to click the link in my sidebar and sign up!)

Set up tablet Portfolio

Spring Apartment Cleaning

Look into more Craft Fairs

SPWF Outfit!!

Re-do Blog Sidebar

Work with client on Wedding Invitation Set

Add more Graphic Design and Custom Art into Etsy Shop

Research Storenvy

Decide whether or not I am BRAVE enough to totally cut off almost all of my hair (I need a change 🙂 )

More Project Life work.


I’m hoping to catch up in April and get back on track with a few things. I also have some new projects to work on and I’m really excited about all of it. Saturday really FELT like Spring and I’m hoping the weather keeps getting a bit warmer. It helps keep me moving.

How was your March? What are your goals for April? Post a link to the blog post you have your Goals on so that we can visit and see what you are up to!




2 thoughts on “Meetup Goals: HELLO April!

  1. Ah, ain’t spring cleaning grand??? How nice of your parents to get you a new tablet – it’ll come in real handy at the shows! I’ve had a square for a couple of years now. THe first couple of shows i did, I only used it for a couple of sales when people were like “oh no, I don’t have my cash/checkbook” and now it seems like a good half of the people ask if i take credit cards and I say yes! Quite handy, especially for bigger sales!

    Thanks for making a new home for the meetup – my post is here:
    have a great april!!!

    • Agreed. If only it would get warmer we could do a more serious deep clean! Yesterday was only a high of like 50. Ugh. But in more positive things, yes – I’m super excited to see if the tablet and Square can improve our sales. We usually break even at shows, but I would love to make a profit this time around!


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