Winter, Spring, Productivity and Laziness

57 Degrees photograph by fallenpeach

March has been a rough month for me. I’ve been up, down, all over the place and the weather certainly is not helping. The above photograph is from March 9 and it reads 57 Degrees. Spring weather. Today, my phone tells me to expect 37 degrees with rain and snow mixed.

I tend to get the winter blues, and by this time of year I’m usually itching for Spring in a bad way. And usually, Spring is here. This year, however, the blues have gone on a little too long and my brain is confused. Part of me is productive (I’ve accomplished maybe four and a half things on my meetup goals), but day to day it’s been hard to get things done. It doesn’t make it any easier working a 9 – 5 and trying to cram in all of my family time, fallenpeach time and relaxation time into two measly weekend days.

FOCUS. My word that I’ve been trying to use this year. I tried to focus on one thing per day. But then, one day, I didn’t get anything done and everything spiraled in to the next day, and the next day until I had three or four things to do by Friday. Quiet honestly, if the weather keeps going like this I may have to FOCUS on one thing per WEEK instead of per DAY. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it means that it will take me longer to get the places I need to be.

As for the things I have accomplished, I’m proud of them. I’ll talk about it more next week, but I’ve gotten some really good things started or finished. And this week is starting out great, so who knows I might get a lot more done before April! More positive thoughts are that the 10 day forcast tells me the weather WILL get warmer. Soon I WILL be able to open the window and let in some fresh air. I will be able to do some Spring Cleaning and see the sun.

So, in conclusion of this rambly post, Here’s to the Last Week of March. May it bring Sun and Productivity to us all!

How do you get over the Winter Blues ? How are you doing this year?


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