Choose Your Adventure: Where is Spring?

choose your adventure from fallenpeach

Happy Friday! This week went fairly quickly for me and I feel like I did a lot more lazy time than work time. But once Spring truly hits I’m sure things will get more productive around here! 🙂 Do you get lazier when Spring takes it’s time coming?

Here are some of my adventures for the week:

You should join us for The Meetup, a group who meets monthly on their blogs to post goals and accomplishments. Headquarters are no on this here blog now!

Fed up with the new itunes, I’ve finally created a Pandora account. Am I the last one on the internet to join in on this wonderfulness? Although I still need a new music player, so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments!

As Spring makes her slow and thoughtful way towards us, I’m thinking ahead to craft fairs for Spring and Summer. And this week I stumbled upon this website to look for them: . So far I’ve already found at least one that I’m going to apply to for May.

Last Friday, Steve Rodgers opened his third music venue, The Spaceland Ballroom, in Hamden Connecticut. We went to see his band Mighty Purple at the grand opening and it was a blast. Mighty has been around a long time, but they only really play once or twice a year now so it’s a rare pleasure now to see them perform. Anyway, if you are in Connecticut and looking for some good music you should check out The Space, The Outer Space and the Spaceland Ballroom three distinct and equally awesome music venues sharing one parking lot.

How was your week? What adventures did you have?


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