Welcome to the new Meetup HQ!

the meetup banner 2013Happy Monday! I had a busy Saturday and a very lazy Sunday, but among the things that I finished this weekend was setting up new headquarters for The Meetup.

The Meetup is something I discovered years ago over at Jena Coray‘s Modish Biz Tips blog, a community of bloggers who would meet each month and post their goals and encourage each other. The Meetup then moved to Liz Kalloch’s blog for a time and grew a bit. But they have both moved on to other projects and it is now my time to host The Meetup here at fallenpeach.

And so I invite Meetup members old and hopefully new as well, to join me in goal making around the first of each month.

How it will work: Each month on the first weekday of the month I will post my goals here, please give it a read and a comment and then post the link to your own goal post in the comments. From there, I invite all of you to visit each other’s blogs and send happy thoughts and encouragement each others way. Make friends, find new art and new blogs and new businesses.

I am also asking, once you have decided to join us, for you to make a banner for me to put on the HQ page. Information on size and where to send it is listed here.

And on that note, I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a productive March!



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