Destination Wednesday: Driving from Alliance NE to Tonopah NV

Rocky Mountains in the Rain photograph by fallenpeach

From the Hello America Blog: April 12, 2009

“Lovin Harley’s Summit in Utah!!! Driving through the mountains is one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. No, the most incredible. The Rocky Mountains are so … words can not express how beautiful this is. We’re driving through a curvy valley right between two sets of mountains covered in snow and… we keep slowing down because 1. it’s pouring rain but 2 it’s so so beautiful we keep getting distracted.

Just passed The Great Salt Lake and … I’m speechless once again. Utah is incredibly beautiful. The rain has stopped, the sun is coming out and the clouds are just amazing. Today is the best day yet. And it’s only day 4. I keep trying to think of words to express how I’m feeling right now but all I can say is today has been near perfect and I love that I’m sharing this with Matt.

Bit later

Tack on to our list of different landscapes from today the absolute complete flatness that is the stretch of Utah before the Salt Flats. It’s like crossing the Ocean. There is no going back once you hit this stretch. No turning around and no getting off. It’s beautiful, but intimidating. It looks like people have created messages with rocks in the sand or salt that we’re driving through right now. I wish we had time to stop and read them. There also appear to be a lot of beer bottles. Broken and made into weird art formations and whole and in weird art formations. We’re driving towards more mountains that look beautiful. I can see the cloud above the salt flats in the distance, pretty cool stuff all this.

And, just so you all know – the FIRST thing you see when you cross the border into Nevada is a casino. Go figure. Mountains and a Casino. Then a road full of small casinos and then a road straight towards the mountains surrounded by nothing.

Okay wait a minute wait a minute let’s back track for a minute.

Flat Nebraska
Nebrasky hills
Butte’s and Mesas in Wyoming,
Hills and Crags in Wyoming,
Beautiful Rocky Mountains in Utah,
Completely Flat Salt Flats in Utah,
Desert Mountains in Nevada.

All in one day. Wow. Right now we are driving on a road through the desert that is absolutely beautiful. It’s also completely empty. We see a car maybe every 10 minutes. There are no towns. Again with the whole intimidating thing. But we have almost a full tank of gas so I’m not really worried at all. Just basking in the beauty through a bug stained windshield.” – Lindsey (4/12/09)


I still remember that day fairly clearly. It was like a mini tour of all the landscapes America has to offer in just one day and it was amazing. We went back through that mountain pass on our second trip, but it was a sunny day and the feeling just wasn’t the same. Something about the rain and fog as we drove that windy road was completely amazing and unforgettable.

The next part of our journey was just as amazing, but in a completely unexpected and ridiculous way.  Next week: the Tale of Tonopah!

What is your most memorable driving experience?

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