Meetup: Look Back at February and March Goals

Happy March! Though February was a shorter month, I feel like implementing my FOCUS helped me accomplish most of my goals for the month. Let’s take a look:

For February

I will add several more keychains into the shop   – there are now 4 keychains in the shop with more on the way!

I will brainstorm with Matt for Spring themed Sammy illustrations – Matt has actually been working on a new painting series so this talk will have to be delayed till March. Hope to have at least one image in hand and as a bookmark by end of March though.

I will decide on a set schedule of features for this blog  – DONE! And printed and posted on the wall behind my laptop so that I can look at it and know what posts I have to get ready 🙂 This week was the first week of the new schedule, what did you think? 

I will send in my application for the Milford Oyster Festival craft fair  – DONE, can’t wait to find out if we are in! 

I will sort through Honeymoon photos for new bookmark images  Have a few pretty shots, including a great one of the castle at the Magic Kingdom 🙂

I will put together more pendants and organize them for selling at a consignment shop

I will catch up on my Project Life book (I’m going to document at least our first 5 years of marriage) – I am halfway caught up, therefore not done.

I will sort our wedding photographs and decide which ones to print for an album  DONE, printed AND put in an album! 

I will keep up with EEBA and continue to work on our budget and debt management I love using EEBA, every month I learn something new about how I am budgeting and adjust for the next month. Maybe soon I’ll have it all figured out 🙂


Set up MEETUP HEADQUARTERS on this blog (!!)

Add more keychains and custom art into shop

Brainstorm with Matt for Spring themed Sammy illustrations


Research Spring and Summer Craft Fairs

Catch up with Project Life book

Make new bookmarks from Honeymoon photo choices

Put together more pendants and organize them for selling at a consignment shop

Start researching and putting together new Steampunk outfit for the World’s Fair (also buy tickets for World’s Fair)

I’m pushing myself a little harder for March, but I think I can do it. No, I can do it. I’m getting better at focusing and making my schedule work for me instead of stressing me out.


How was your February? Share your Meetup post in the comments, I’d love to read! And stay tuned for more information as I work to set up Meetup HQ at this very blog!

2 thoughts on “Meetup: Look Back at February and March Goals

  1. Hey Lindsey!
    Thank you so much for taking on the task of the meetup. It will be great to have this in my life again. Good luck with getting more stuff in consignment shops and art fairs, and have fun getting things ready for the World’s Fair! Happy March to you!

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